Emuna is the Hebrew word that is translated into English as, ‘faith’. But the Hebrew  denotes much more than the English counterpart. Whereas faith denotes belief, and belief denotes the possibility of doubt. As long as you only believe in something, there is the chance that doubt can set up.

But with emuna, its is grounded on knowledge and action and not so much about belief thus emuna become an unmovable rock to stand on.

Trek means a slow or arduous journey

Thus Emuna Trek, is the slow and sometimes challenging journey to true biblical faith. It is at times like climbing a mountain with difficult cliffs to scale but with each step, you move ever closer to the summit.

Emuna is our connection with the Creator.


My blog sight, Emuna Trek is an extension of who I am, it is the reflection of my own personal spiritual journey. It is a place where I share my spiritual musings and writings.

I am a southern guy who lives in southeast Tennessee, who was like many in the south was born and raised in one of the many Christian denominations. My journey through life has taken me through several different flavors of Christianity and spent some time in the ministry as an associate pastor.

God Chaser

Back in the 90s one of my favorite books was The God Chasers by Tommy Tenney, I considered myself as a dedicated believer on a hot pursuit after God. What is interesting is when He stops (figuratively) and you run smack into Him and the encounter is nothing like what you had dreamed of, it changes your life and takes you down unforeseen paths.

I ran into the One True Creator at the Kotel – the Western Wall of the holy Temple mount in Jerusalem in 2003. It wouldn’t be until 2009 when the ‘ah ha’ moment I had at the Wall six years earlier would be transformed into full blown awe experience with my Creator.

Today I am a God fearing – ben Noach (son of Noah) doing my best to be like father Noah and walk with the Creator (Gen. 6:9). I have taken hold and reclaimed my God given birthright as a human being to observe the  seven universal commandments of my Creator that He gave to all of mankind to do.

My blogs reflect the study of and the life lived in this walk with the Creator through the observance of the 7 Noahide Laws.

As far as I know, I am of Scottish descent. This means that linage came from a European background. This may even lead to the fact my linage can go all the way back to Japheth, one of the son’s of Noah.

Abraham was from Shem and father Noah said that we of Japheth would dwell in the Tent’s of Shem – meaning Shem will show us the way. Today, that is fulfilled by learning from Abraham’s sons, Israel.

Thank you for visting my blog and feel free to follow Emuna Trek and recommend it to your friends.

Terry W. Hayes

5 thoughts on “About

  1. J. Eric Andreasen (Yaakov ben Avraham)

    I am sure you have many irons in the fire. Any chance you will be adding to is weblog in the near future. if not, where might we find your more recent writings?

  2. I haven’t written anything in a while. Although I have had a subject I want to write on but I have been having trouble finding a story I have read that I want to use as the spring board to the blog I want to write.

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