Weapons of Persecution?

I saw this comment on an article and could not leave it alone; I had to write about it; for it is written by someone who is ignorant of the Hebrew Scriptures.

“I see the word “Noahide.” Are you aware that these laws will be used by the synagogue of Satan to persecute believers?”

Let’s tear this down and examine it.

This is a very anti-Semitic statement that comes from a New Testament Christian. The New Testament produces such ignorance.

“these laws will be used by the synagogue of Satan”

This is a direct anti-Semitic comment against the Jews in which the NT claims that Satan is their father.

  1. There is no synagogue of Satan in the Hebrew Scriptures, this is purely a statement from the NT only and is laced with Roman/Greek pagan mythology and hatred toward the Jews.
  2. The Christian view of Satan comes from Roman/Greek mythology and is not supported from the Hebrew Scriptures.
  3. The Hebrew Scriptures plainly tell us who the father of the Jews are; Exodus 4:22 “And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh: Thus saith HaShem (G-d): Israel is My son, My first-born.”  G-d is the Father of the Jew.

Now let’s look at, “these laws will be used to persecute believers”

“believers” this is pointing to Christians. Yes they are believers in their own religion.

“used to persecute”

Dear Christian you will find that it is the G-d of Israel who will use these laws to persecute you with not a made up synagogue of Satan.

Let’s look at this weapon of persecution closely and you will see that by calling it a weapon of persecution the Christian denies the G-d of Israel to choose another god that Israel did not know.

Noahide Laws – the so called weapon of persecution:

  1. Belief in one G-d
    Acknowledge that there is only one G-d who is infinite and supreme above all things. Do not replace that Supreme Being with finite idols, be it yourself, or other beings. This command includes such acts as prayer, study and meditation.

This law will persecute them because it denies the Christian trinity which is a polytheistic belief. The Christians try to explain it away but its roots are from pagan Rome where they had many gods. The trinity is opposed to the G-d of the Hebrews and thus G-d will use this to persecute them with.

Wow, the belief in just One G-d is a horrible weapon of persecution – it is for the pagans who have many gods and Satan being another one as they have deitized him beyond what the Hebrew Scriptures tell us. They have clothed him in Roman/Greek garb.

  1. Do not blasphemy
    Respect the Creator. As frustrated and angry as you may be, do not vent it by cursing your Maker.

This too is a horrible weapon of persecution. It asks you to respect the One G-d of Israel. They vent anger toward Him because He demands the first law to be kept without exceptions. This is just horrible, how can one take this harsh persecution?

  1. Do not murder
    Respect human life. Every human being is an entire world. To save a life is to save that entire world. To destroy a life is to destroy an entire world. To help others live is a corollary of this principle.

This one is truly a persecution for the real Christian, you see Christianity of today is a watered down version, for over the past 2000 yrs the true Christian persecutes and kills the Jew. History is full of it. The Crusades, the inquisitions, the pogroms, the holocaust was spawned on Marten Luther’s hatred of the Jews.

Under this law a Christian cannot kill another Jew

When a Christian cannot convert a Jew the real love or should I say hatred comes to the surface – I have known this personally to happen to a Jewish friend confronted by a Baptist preacher. Christian’s hates the Jew for the rejection of their god and the Jew is following their law given to them by G-d in Deut. 12 &13.

  1. Incestuous and adulterous relations are forbidden.
    Respect the institution of marriage. Marriage is a most Divine act. The marriage of a man and a woman is a reflection of the oneness of G-d and His creation. Disloyalty in marriage is an assault on that oneness.

Well, most Christians I know uphold marriage but somehow to the writer of the comment see this as a weapon of persecution. It is a Noahide Law. A law that is set forth for all men to live by.

  1. Do commit any theft.
    Respect the rights and property of others. Be honest in all your business dealings. By relying on G-d rather than on our own conniving, we express our trust in Him as the Provider of Life.

This is another area that Christian believers will be persecuted in. it was their founders that stole the Hebrew Scriptures and rewrote them for themselves. They wrote their Christology into it by mistranslating words on purpose, rearranging the order of the books, adding their own scriptures to it; coining the terms Old Testament & New Testament to deceive the world. What the traditional Christian church hates about Mormonism and their version and addition to the Christian bible is no different from what they did to the Hebrew Scriptures.

Now the church has taken it farther with the messianic movement and that is stealing Jewish rituals and traditions and mixing them with Christian teachings to destroy their purity.

Woe to those believers that fall under this weapon of persecution. 

  1. Do not eat a limb torn from a living animal.
    Respect G-d’s creatures. At first, Man was forbidden to consume meat. After the Great Flood, he was permitted – but with a warning: Do not cause unnecessary suffering to any creature.

Oh this dietary law flies in the face of those who want to cram anything in their mouth without thinking.

This is true persecution because if there is one thing a Christian hates and that is being told what not to eat. All they got do is pray over it and its ok with them, nice to have a god on a chain to fulfill your desires.

Again this is just a harsh weapon of persecution on believers according to the writer of the comment.

  1. Set up courts of justice.
    Maintain justice. Justice is G-d’s business, but we are given the charge to lay down necessary laws and enforce them whenever we can. When we right the wrongs of society, we are acting as partners in the act of sustaining the creation.

This is one where I know Christians want justice but it is bred in them to be ant-law from their great preacher who tells them that they are not under law but grace, so why keep any laws fall only on grace.

This theology is not of the Hebrew Scriptures as well – the very first Name of G-d we have in the Torah is the office of Judge and that scares the Christian to death. For we are taught in the Torah that it is G-d who is the one Who makes and maintains the Laws that creation is run by. No man or theology can change the Laws of G-d for He Himself says that they are forever and He does not change. So to claim that some guy showed up on the scene claiming to have authority and making changes does not mean that G-d went back on His word; matter of fact it was G-d who said that a prophet and miracle worker who shows up and performs such things to lead others from the path that He has given is a false prophet and was sent as a test to see if Israel would maintain their Torah observance as G-d has shown them. And such a prophet should be put to death for leading people from the Torah. (Deut. 13)

As we can see by examining the 7 Noahide Laws, they are a set of harsh weapons of persecution that will be used against ‘believers’

Only those who do not know the One True G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob can make such ignorant statements as the comment that was made. The person is trapped in darkness of deception of lies.

This same person believes in a rapture where the believers will be taken out during a time of tribulation (day of affliction) that will come on the whole world.

I feel sorry for such folks for they are being set up for a major fall by their false beliefs for the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob tells us something different about the day of affliction.

Jeremiah 16: 19-21

O HaShem (G-d), my strength, and my stronghold, and my refuge, in the day of affliction, unto You shall the nations come from the ends of the earth, and shall say: ‘Our fathers have inherited nothing but lies, vanity and things wherein there is no profit.‘ Shall a man make unto himself gods, and they are no gods? Therefore, behold, I will cause them to know, this once will I cause them to know My hand and My might; and they shall know that My name is HaShem (G-d – The Four Letter Name).

You see dear believer it will be G-d Who will persecute you with Truth and cause you to see fallacy of your Roman/Greek religion that is estranged from the One true G-d. You will no longer believe in a god head made up of multiple gods, you will not murder those who oppose you, you will see Who is the true Law giver and will see that as long as there is Law there is grace, grace is not a new thing,

G-d created the world in and through chesed/kindness and kindness permeates His Laws, the fact that a truly wicked person wakes up is an act of kindness and shows the mercy of G-d giving the person another day to turn away from his ways and come to Him for help.

These Noahide Laws are not weapons of persecution but a moral code for all mankind to live by and produce a world of peace and justice.

One who is against these laws has no true peace in their life, close the door and be alone and you will confess that there is turmoil in your life but the religion you are under produces a false spirituality and even though you confess your god you still struggle with your sins in private because the truth on how to deal with them has been kept from you. Quit lying to yourself and cry out to the ONE TRUE G-D you do not need a mediator – G-d is your Creator, there is no one between you and Him.

Isaiah 45:22

Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am G-d, and there is none else.

Terry W. Hayes


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