His Name is Emes

One of the Names of G-d is Emes/Truth, by taking a closer look at this wonderful name we can gain a deeper understanding in how we communicate with out Creator.

Tehillim 145:18

Near is the Eternal to all that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth.

We are told here that G-d is close to those who call to Him in truth.

How do we call out to Him in truth?

By being truthful with Him; so many of us when we pray to G-d we just ask Him to forgive us of our sins, we use generalities, we do not go into the details. Calling out to G-d in truth requires us to delve into the details. He wants us to share with Him our most intimate thoughts and concerns about every aspect of our life.

He asks us all the same question:

Bereishis 3:9

And HaShem G-d called unto the man, and said unto him: ‘Where are you?’

This is not just a question asking about physical proximity but where we are at in our life, what is going on with us – where are we at in our thoughts. G-d wants us to be truthful in answering this question. He wants us to be honest with ourselves and with Him.

When we pour our heart out to G-d in our own words and don’t hold back the details with all honesty even if what we need to speak to Him about is shameful we are calling out to Him in truth – if you are hurt, angry, sad, confused or whatever state you find yourself in, lay it all on the line, Let Him know, this is where you are at, this is calling upon Him in truth.

With truthfulness we call out to the One Whose Name is Truth and He is near.

Terry W. Hayes


Inspired by a teaching by Rabbi Lazer Brody

2 thoughts on “His Name is Emes

  1. Marian

    today before I read this I felt like I was in a hurry and mumbled off something to GD not intimate at all…after i rushed up from my knees i thought about it but as soon as I thought about it I put it away…than I read this…..

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