The Falsehood of Ownership

There are many lies that this world spreads to its inhabitants. So many trails that lead to nowhere, one of these lies and dead end trails is the falsehood of ownership.

We work many long hours and years to make money so that we can have a piece of the pie but this pie is an allusion.

Let’s look at the facts.

I want to start by quoting a saying from Pirkei Avos – Sayings of the Fathers

He (Rabbi Elazar HaKappar) used to say:

– for against your will were you created, against your will were you born, against your will do you live, against your will, you die, and against your will, you stand in judgment before the King of kings, the Holy One, blessed be He.” Avos 4:29

This world will tell you that your body is yours to do with whatever you please; if you are a woman you have the right to an abortion – it is your body, right?

Let me ask you something, did you choose which sex, male or female you would be? Did you have any choice in the type of body you would have, male, female, short, tall, blond, brunette, red or what race you were born into, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Brown, Olive or any other race?

If you had no say in the matter of any of these, then how can you claim ownership?

Many of us work hard to obtain ownership of houses, lands, cars, books, electronics, cloths, and so on. But the moment you die they will disappear and go to someone else for a time. So did you really own any of it or is everything in this life on loan from the real owner of it all?

After meditating on all of this I would have to conclude that we own nothing – everything including our life is on loan.

So if we do not own anything but it is all a loan – Who owns it?

This my friends and fellow humans is the question you need to ask and search for the answer for once this life ends without any input of your own – you will meet the Owner.

The first glimpse we get of the Owner is in the Hebrew found in His revealed word given to the caretakers of His word.

The first sentence of the Torah opens up with, “Bereishis bara Elokim…” The Name or Title of Elokim means Judge – so our first introduction to the Owner is that He is a Judge that rules over a court of Law – we also see within these first three words that He used laws to create the creation with. Everything is governed by laws and the Owner is the Judge to make sure those Laws is kept.

He will judge us on how well we kept the loan He gave us.

So the next time we want to profess any kind of ownership we need to take a deeper look into Who is the real Owner and proceed with caution.

Terry W. Hayes

Bachor Zaken bin Eiver


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