The Knowledge of G-d

This blog is inspired from a conversation I had with a Christian the other day. I was being asked about some of my beliefs by a fairly new Christian or at least one that had just started attending church again.

I gave a brief explanation of what a Bnei Noach was and the 7 Laws given to mankind from Adam to Noah. He then asked where did Jesus fit in and I said that, “he didn’t”. The person walked away spouting the Christian scripture John 3:16 as if that settled the issue. The way it was spouted and the walking away only shows typical Christian ignorance and that they can only reply with what they have been spoon fed.

When this happens to someone who has spent many of hours, days, weeks and years in study and prayer it is only a joke and personally I feel pity on such a person who thinks they can answer an issue by just quoting one verse and walk away.

The whole issue reminded me of a passage that I was led to during prayer when I was a teenager. The passage would not really come to full understanding to me till much later in life, when at a time that my whole spiritual rug got ripped right out from under me.

Let’s take a look at this passage.

Proverbs 2:1-5 “My child: If you accept My words and treasure My commandments with yourself, to make your ears attentive to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding – [for] only if you call out to understanding [and] give forth your voice to discernment, if you seek it as [if it were] silver, if you search it as [if it were] hidden treasure – then you will understand the fear of G-d, and discover the knowledge of G-d.

Let me ask a question here – What does the passage say that one must do to “understand the fear of G-d, and discover the knowledge of G-d”?

1. Accept the words of G-d
2. Treasure the commandments of G-d
3. Make your ears attentive to wisdom
4. Incline your heart to understanding
5. Call out to understanding
6. Give your voice to discernment
7. Seek for it as silver
8. Search for it as hidden treasure.

It is only then after all of this one will understand the fear of G-d and discover the knowledge of G-d.

I want to hone in on the last two points.

What we find here is that King Solomon is telling us that to understand the fear of G-d and discover the knowledge of G-d is that one must do a lot of work. Seeking as silver and searching as a hidden treasure is not setting in a pew being spoon fed, going to Sunday school or Wednesday night service.

When one is looking for silver i.e. a livelihood, one needs to show up for work every day. It is a constant struggle to find silver to support yourself and family.

When one is searching for a hidden treasure one is researching all the facts, going out on digs where you will get dirty and sweaty. It is a lot of work trying to find a hidden treasure. While searching for it you will sometimes come up short. Some of the facts may not have lined up or may have been false information leading you on a wild goose chase.

My point is that spouting of a single scripture and walking away shows that the one speaking has not searched for the knowledge of G-d as though it was a hidden treasure.

It took a lot of years and research to find the Titanic. For me to walk up to those researches and spout of my own idea and walk away as if I just gave them the answer without my own proven research only makes me out to be a fool in the researchers eyes. The same thing when it comes to those who only spout of what they have only been taught setting in a pew.

Everyone is responsible for their own spiritual walk with the Creator. There is a saying in one of the holy books of the Jews, Pirkei Avot/Says of the Fathers, “Learn from all men”

When one goes to be a doctor, a lawyer or even a computer tech one must put in many hours of study and research. But it seems that for most people who call themselves religious or Christian they put very little into actually researching before they make final decisions on spiritual matters that will affect their very own soul.

There are two main groups in Christianity:
1. Raised in church from birth and accepted everything they were told to be true. As I was one in this case.
2. Someone scared them into being Christian with a question like, “If you died today where will you spend eternity?”

For those in group two, they are not give time to research it out, they are pressured into an emotional decision.

When a Christian does start asking questions one of the answers given to them by clergy is to receive it by faith – blind faith.

When was the last time someone chose to go to a doctor who received his degree on blind faith that he could do open heart surgery?

If a doctor and so on must spend a lot of their time in learning and research why should you not do the same in matters of the soul?

In closing, just ponder on Proverbs 2:1-5 and see if your walk with G-d comes close to it. Ask yourself questions and do not be afraid to search for G-d as if He is a hidden treasure or seek Him as if He was silver. Just do not settle to sit in a pew and be spoon fed. Your walk with G-d is yours and nobody else’s. Get dirty and sweaty in your search for The Knowledge of G-d.

Terry W. Hayes

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