Reclaiming Your Bnei Noach Birthright: Pt. 3


Adon Olam, Master of the Universe – denotes that we are guest in His house.

The world belongs to the Creator, we all are guest in His house and His house has rules to live by while you are there visiting.

Israel as His priestly nation has its set rules that He has given them to operate by as the priest of G-d. But what about the rest of us, are we left out here on our own without any instructions on how to be guest in His house?

Before we get into the house rules that the Creator has given the rest of us in the non-Jewish world, there needs to be an understanding brought forth. A major confusion has gripped the world and has blocked the knowledge and understanding of what the Creator expects from the rest of us.

Pagan Rome hijacked the Hebrew Scriptures from Israel known as the Tanach (Torah, Nevi’im & Ketuvim – 5 Books of Moses, Prophets & Writings). They tampered with the Hebrew Scriptures and then created their own book called the New Testament. Then after they sewed it to the Hebrew Scriptures, they presented it to the world and the world bought it hook line and sinker.

Through this, Rome created a whole new religion mixed with paganism and Torah Judaism forming a religion of iron and clay.

The Bnei Noach Birthright was given by the same Creator who formed the priestly nation at Mount Sinai – like Israel we too are to be a people of observance of the Creator’s commandments. We are not a people of blind faith; blind faith will lead you astray.

Therefore as guest in the Masters house we are to be about observing the house rules.

Tehillim/Pslams 86:11
“Teach me, Hashem, Your way, that I may travel in Your truth…”

In the passage above the English word ‘way’ is translated from the Hebrew ‘derech’ which can be translated as ‘way’ or ‘path’ – in the verse above the word ‘path’ fits perfect as one travels down a path – the Creator’s truth, His commandment s are a path to be traveled on. By observing the commandments that the Creator gave us the non-Jewish peoples, we walk with G-d – This is what Noach did.

Bereishis/Genesis 6:9 “Noach walked with G-d”

Noach kept the Master’s house rules and in that he was rewarded a salvation from the oncoming deluge.

We, the guest of the Master are given an instruction in Isaiah that will also save us from destruction.

Isaiah 45:22
Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am G-d, and there is none else.

The first two words of this verse in English come from the Hebrew words, p’noo e-ilay which means to make the motion of turning your face toward G-d.

The plain simple meaning of these words is to physically turn your face toward G-d.

How does one turn his face to the Infinite G-d Who possess all of His Creation? There is not one place you can go that He is not there; so where are you to turn your face?

The face of the Creator is His Torah/instruction; the Torah is His revelation on earth. In it we see His face, Who He is to Israel and Who He is to the Nations. The Torah is also His Mouth for it is His word. The Torah is his heart for through it we see His desires. The Torah is also His House where He lives.

Isaiah 42:21 “The Eternal desired for the sake of righteousness that the Torah be made great and glorious.”

King David tells us in Psalms 19 that the Torah is perfect, it restores the soul, it makes people wise and that there is great reward for those who keep it,

When we turn our face to our Creator, we turn to His Torah, His instructions. It is there we will find our birthright – the instructions that He has given us, the non-Jewish nation to live by.

By doing this, then we as guest in the Master’s house will know how to behave during or short visit here.

In part 4 I will be getting into the house rules for the non-Jewish guest in the Master’s house.

Terry W. Hayes




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