There is something missing!

So many of us only read the Scriptures like we read any other book. The Scriptures was not designed to be just read but to be studied and meditated on to draw out their meaning, purpose and application. They have to be constantly studied for the reason shown in the example below.

A Jewish boy came to his father one day and asked the following question.

Boy: “Father why do we read and go through the same Torah year after year?”
Father: “Because, we are not the same people we were last year.”

As non-Jewish Bnei Noach we have our part of the Torah to study, know, and continual meditate on; this will reveal something to you at different times and will allow you to grow in your walk with the Creator.

For example, the primary point of today’s blog is to show you something that the majority overlooks when just reading the Torah as if it was just a book. We have to learn to dissect what is there and draw out its meaning and application.

When one reads the creation account of mankind there is something missing in the story.

So what is missing?

After the first man had been brought into the conscience realm, he opens his eyes and beholds a wondrous creation around him. He meets his Maker and then his Maker gives him a set of instructions to live by in his new world.

So again, what is missing in this story?

The answer is, ‘religion’

The Creator did not give man a religion to live by; He gave him basic instructions. That is what the word ‘Torah’ means – Torah/instructions. It was only after man began to drift away from his Creator that he began replacing his instructions with religion.

What does it mean to be a Bnei Noach/Noahide?

The Bnei Noach/Noahide movement that is sweeping the planet is a movement of the non-Jewish peoples leaving the world’s religions and reclaiming the Bnei Noach Birthright – that is turning back to our Creator and making teshuva/repentance for leaving Him and replacing Him with manmade religion.

We are returning back to our basic human instructions that the Creator gave us in the beginning.

These instructions allow us to walk with our Creator and with our fellow humans in harmony and peace. They were passed down orally from Adam to Noach, after the flood the Creator gave Noach one more instruction pertaining to the proper way of eating meat. Then at Mount Sinai the Creator spoke to Moshe and commanded him to write them all down in a book and that was the book of Bereishis/Genesis.

“Note that the recounting and recording of the Seven Noahide Commandments by Moses took place at Mount Sinai on this day, two days before G-d spoke openly to the entire Jewish nation. In Ex. 24:3, it says “Moses came and told the people all the words of G-d and all the laws…” Here, “all the laws” refers to the Seven Noahide Commandments and a few of the Jewish Commandments, all of which the Israelites had already been commanded before they arrived at Mt. Sinai. (Moses told these commandments to the Israelites at Marah, after they crossed through the sea – see Exodus 15:25.)

In Ex. 24:4, “Moses wrote all the words of G-d” means that at that time, he wrote down the Book of Genesis – that contains the verses which inform us of the earlier Covenant of the Rainbow and the Noahide Commandments – and the Book of Exodus up to that point. Thus, G-d commanded upon the Jewish people that based upon the revelation at Mount Sinai, they would have the responsibility for preserving and publicizing the Noahide Commandments and all their details, which are for all the nations of the world for all generations.”  From an article on

The Creator did not give man a religion to worship Him by; He gave us a set of instructions.

When one frees themselves from the bondage of the world’s religions and returns back to the Creator and His instructions one becomes liberated and the whole world opens up to him/her, you will even begin to see your fellow humans in a new light.

The instructions He gave us are seven categorical laws, meaning that there are sub-laws under each one.

The instructional laws are:

  1. Prohibition of idolatry
  2. Prohibition of cursing the Creator’s Name
  3. Prohibition of theft
  4. Prohibition of murder
  5. Prohibition of forbidden sexual relations
  6. Prohibition of eating meat taken from a live animal
  7. To perform justice

As you can see there is no religion given just basic laws to live by. There are no religious rites and rituals to keep.

Only the priestly nation that the Creator created at Mount Sinai with Israel has ceremonial days, rites, rituals to observe as part of their covenant – the Creator did not give the rest of the nation’s such a system to live by.

We have a simple system and in its simplicity there is awesome opportunity to do what our biblical forefathers did and that is to simply walk with our Creator in a life of obedience to the deeds that He has given us. There is no need for the creation a religion that He did not command. The religions of this world only takes you in a path away from the Creator but the conscience observance of these 7 laws brings one back to their Creator and in doing so opens up an amazing relationship with Him.

To grasp the 7 Laws and other Bnei Noach issues much better I want to recommend you to get the book, Guide for the Noahide by Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron

Now I must ask one more thing.

What are you waiting for?

Terry W. Hayes



Guide for the Noahide





2 thoughts on “There is something missing!

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    Every other religion which came after Mount Sinai violates the prohibition of creating a new religion (The Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Ask Noah International, p 194). This does not mean that the 7 Commandments have no religious basis. “Piety, repentance, righteousness and reward of a hereafter are religious concepts. They have meaning in a religious context only.” (The same, p 43)

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