I Don’t Seek Heaven – I Seek The Creator

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I love our third floor apartment, built on top a large hill, our apartment’s view faces east overlooking the foothills of the great Smokey Mountains. The sunrises are awesome and breathtaking.

It in this setting that I spend time in reflecting on my studies and personal communication with the amazing Creator of the view I am blessed to behold.

In a  single moment my eyes and mind was raptured up in beauty of the mountains and a blue sky peppered with cotton ball clouds that I told the Creator that I seek neither Heaven nor the world to come but only Him I seek.

Tehillim 62:2 To G-d alone my soul waits silently, from Him comes my salvation.

Back in the late 1990s, I was involved with Pentecostal Christianity, during that time I read a book by Tommy Tenney  ‘The God Chasers’ – it spoke to me, it described who I was and through it I discovered what that longing in my soul was all about.

I have spent many years now chasing after my Creator, the chase has led me down paths I never dreamed of. One of those paths led me out of the church and the religion of Christianity. And just because I left Christianity, I did not stop being a G-d Chaser.

Just because I left Christianity, I did not stop being a G-d Chaser.

If anything the chase intensified.

I began my dive into the ancient Hebrew Scriptures; you see they were first and without them there would be no Christianity nor Islam for they both are off shoots with roots reaching back into Hebrew Scriptures i.e. Torah Judaism. I connected with the caretakers of these ancient Scriptures and they guided me into the proper understanding of the language and interpretation that comes from ancient sources.

The Hebrew Scriptures became like a time machine taking me back and introducing me to the Creator of the first human, the G-d of Abraham, the G-d of Isaac and the G-d of Jacob. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would become the family line in which the priestly nation would be birthed – but I was not born into that linage, my linage came from a different route.

I then was introduced to the G-d of Noah, the one in which the eternal Torah says that “Noah walked with G-d” (Gen. 6:9). I discovered that Noah had been an observer of six commandments that was given to Adam and passed down to him. It would be the observance of these commandments that would save him, his family and many of the land and air animals from the coming destructive flood. It would be the observance of those six commandments that would forever have him recorded as one who walked with G-d.

After the flood the Creator would complete the base commandments that man would use to live with one another and the Creator and today they are called the 7 Noahide Laws or in Hebrew ‘Sheva Mitzvos’

I personally like the Hebrew over the English because even though the word ‘mitzvah’ is translated as ‘commandment’ in English, the Hebrew mitzvah denotes more than a raw command, it has the underlying expression of ‘deed’ – a mitzvah denotes a deed being done. So in our relationship with the Creator, our part of the relationship is built upon seven basic deeds we perform.

The goal of my blogs is to introduce to my non-Jewish human family worldwide to the ancient and pure path of walking with the Creator of heaven, earth and all that is in them.

The Noahide Laws are not just a blanket list of raw prohibitions as they may seem on the surface – in all reality they are the foundational stepping stones in which an amazing relationship with the Creator is formed.

It would be the observance of those six commandments that would forever have him recorded as one who walked with G-d.

You are welcome to join me in exploring and learning to live a fulfilled life found in performing the ancient seven deeds that Our Creator has asked us to do, so we too can walk with Him.


Terry W. Hayes
ben Noach



6 thoughts on “I Don’t Seek Heaven – I Seek The Creator

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    What might have been makes me weep. The lost hope of lost generations who never learned the 7 Commandments. Yet we rediscovered them. We found the true way. We are the light that comes out of darkness.

  2. Keith Chopping

    Thank you I enjoyed reading this. Would you say it’s essential for a non Jew to learn biblical Hebrew in order to study Torah ? If so are there any books or online courses you’d recommend please ?

    1. In reply to Keith Chopping.
      I would say it would be very beneficial, but if someone is not in the place to be able to learn biblical Hebrew there are some great English resources out there that is written for the English speaking Jews.
      I don’t know of any of the books or online courses, I was blessed to friend a rabbi that taught me how to read it and that has helped me out a lot. I can read more Hebrew than what I understand.
      Here are my recommendations of Hebrew/English books for your library – Artscroll: Chumash, Tanach, Tehillim. Artscroll Tanach Series Bereishis (Genesis – 2 vol set) Artscroll Tanach Series Tehillim (Pslams – 2 vol set. The Universal Garden of Emuna by Shalom Arush.
      If you live in a larger city some synagogues and Reform Temples offer Hebrew classes, if you have a Jewish Community Center you can check there as well. I recommend learning in person if possible

      1. Rabbi Shalom Arush wrote a book called “In Forest Fields” about personal prayer.
        Also let me recommend two little booklets on the subject both by Erez Moshe Doron 1. Make Every Word Count & In Your Own Words, The Art of Talking With G-d. Both of the booklets are just a little over $3 each.

        You can find all these at, http://www.breslev.co.il

        Just go to their store on their site and enter the titles and they will pop up for you.

        I hope this helps.

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