Something I Need To Say

The Creator, the G-d of Abraham, the G-d of Isaac and the G-d of Jacob. The One True G-d of Israel in Whom no form has been shown and in Whom there is no mediator between Him and His Creation is Awesome and He alone is G-d and there is no other.

Today I had my first colonoscopy done since I am now over 50. To be honest I had a lot of concern going in and I was doing my best to apply the emuna lessons that I had learned over the years from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. I went into this with whatever the results are, they would be the will of my Creator for my life.

You see, it will be 17 years this November 1 that my mom at the age of 51 passed away from colon cancer and I am currently 51, so this has been on my mind all year.

This morning I posted as part of my prayer for today on my Facebook page a passage from Tehillim/Psalms 62

Tehillim 62:6-8
“For G-d alone, wait silently, my soul – because from Him is my hope. He alone is my Rock, and Salvation; my Stronghold, I shall not falter. Upon G-d rest my salvation and my glory, the Rock of my strength, my refuge – is in G-d.”

As the anesthetic was coming on before I went under, this Tehillim was on my lips. This Tehillim has become special for me over the past year now. It was these very words that brought me to the conclusion that I did not need to go through the gerus process and become Jewish to have a closer walk with my Creator. In this Tehillim are the very words that drew me to the Sheva Mitzvot – Seven Noahide Commandments. I did not have to change my identity as a human being to connect with and have a deep spiritual relationship with my Creator.

The last words I remember saying as I faded out under anesthesia were, “In You alone my soul waits.” When I came back out in recovery I was told that there were no polyps to remove and nothing to biopsy, I was clean and in good health. I about cried, my wife did. I was immediately thankful for the goodness of my Creator and the kindness that He had shown on me, especially knowing my family history with colon cancer.

You do not have to be a part of any kind of religion or group to have a walk with the Creator. He has given all of us non-Jews/gentiles seven basic commands to follow, among them are many non-commanded obligations and expectations but truthfully it is very simple and not complicated. No special prayers have to be said just a personal commitment to learn and obey the commands of the Creator to the best of your ability. When you fail just turn to the Creator in prayer and acknowledge your failure and pick yourself up and ask for help in the areas where you fall short. Its that simple and life changing.

If you want to know more about the Seven Commandments for all mankind feel free to contact me.

In G-d, The Creator, The Almighty, The Eternal alone does my soul wait – and no one else – no mediator, no prophet, no messiah – no anything but In my Creator alone do I wait and have hope in.

After such a blessing I had today – I had something I needed to say.

I close with the words of King David of Israel

Tehillim 145:1-2
“I will exalt You, my God the King, and I will bless Your Name forever and ever. Everyday I will bless You and I will Laud Your Name forever and ever.  

Terry W. Hayes
ben Noach



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