Abraham Prays

While reading commentary this week, I learned several things about Abraham I did not know. The more I study Genesis, the more I learn.

When doing some studies about Abraham’s prayer over Sodom,
1. Abraham approached God about the righteous of the cities of the plain Sodom, his approach to God could have been like a military man.
2. Abraham prayed like a father. He had been told by God, that he would become a “father of many nations”. He prayed like he was the father of the cities.
3. In the case of Sodom, the Creator sent a destroying Angel, this Angel’s job was to destroy everything and everything in the five cities of the Sodom plain. In the case of Egypt, God Himself went down as the destroyer, if He had sent the Angel everything would have been destroyed, even the nation of Israel. With the Creator going Himself, He was able to save the marked ones.

Many people read the Bible from cover to cover, but I ask, “How many take the time to really study what they are reading.”, the Bible was never to be read like a regular book, it is meant to be studied out. It may contain stories, everything there contains what is called, instruction on what is needed to live this life.

It is my character to study out these things and I love the opportunity to be able to bring to you what I find in my studies.

Terry w. Hayes

2 thoughts on “Abraham Prays

  1. You are right we do not have a such a commandment.

    But without the written Torah a person cannot even come to the Seven Commandments, without the written Torah we do not have the Law of Dinim.

    One man take authority from the written Torah while another man may not.

    This blog was not whether we have such a commandment, it was more on sharing what I had studied not that there is a command to study. All was said is that if one is to read the bible, one needs to also study it so that one’s reading will be profitable.

    I read a lot, one who reads, needs to be student as well, to be able to understand his reading.

    From time to time without stating a commandment I will use my blog to share what I have learned and that’s it nothing else. I ask the reader of such blogs to study things out if they want to.

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