Being Godly Without Giving up Identity

Before I get started, this blog is my opinion in what I see, I am not an expert. It is intended for those that are not of the Jewish faith.

I had to take a step back and re-look and question some things, I began to see things in the modern Noahide movement that bothered me.

One of the trends of many and that sparked this blog is the adoption of many Jewish practices into the non-Jewish peoples.

One fellow non-Jew put it better as the non-Jewish laws of the quote the Noahides/children of Noah is more of law than one of belief.

Most reading this blog knows a little of my history. For those who don’t, here is a quick catch you up.

I am what I call a God fearer, I try to mainly hold by the 7 commandments given to all mankind. From Adam to Noah there were 6, after the Flood the Creator gave a seventh one to Noah that goes on till today. During that time the Creator separated a nation to Himself to be the priestly nation. I spent most of my life in the Christian faith, for three years of that time, I was even an associate pastor.  I had studied for 6 + years to covert over to the Orthodox Judaism. It was during this time I kept asking my self, “Why do I want to convert?” At one time during the seeking for this answer I came to a particular Psalm that caused me to ask further questions. I had come to the conclusion that converting, like many, was changing one religion for another; and I was converting thinking through it that I might bring myself closer to the Creator by being someone else and taking on more than what is required. So through this all, I decided to remain myself in the way I was created, a southern guy from southeast Tennessee USA.

After this I began my study of the quote, ‘Seven Universal Noahide Commandments’

It would be soon I discovered that all humanity after the Flood was Noahide, only those with the capitol English letter ‘N’ are those that make a conscience attempt at the seven commandments. Those born Jewish or converted of the Jewish nation according to Torah Law are under a different covenant than those of the rest of us of the nation.

There are several non-Jewish writers on the Seven Commandments that make other very good and interesting points. The purpose of this blog is not to rehash old arguments. I do want to bring about my own thoughts on the subject.

One of the hard issues for the Seven Commandments is that among them is no religious rites to preform or to believe in. They are seven basic rules that require one to act not believe. Again they are a set of laws.

Most folks coming to the idea that the Creator gave a set rules live by, come from religions requiring some sort of belief system. This has become ingrained into the psyche of the person. This blog is for such a person. It takes time maybe even years before you can see the Seven Commandments from a non-religious view.

When one comes to the Seven commandments you will learn that there are many voices telling you how to keep them and who has the right to teach them. One of the laws of Judaism is to choose a rabbi, first off this is not one of OUR laws. One has to learn the difference between the laws given; there is Jewish law, non-Jewish law, Torah for Israel law and Torah for the nations law.

Our rules started with Adam, they were reiterated at Mount Sinai and given to Moses written down in what we call the book of Genesis. Israel was given the task to over see the Hebrew Scriptures. What this means is they were given authority to teach us the proper interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures, when it comes to Torah law, we are not to interpret it our self.

We are to take what we learn of the Seven Commandments given to us in Genesis and apply them to each nation and culture we are from.

Each of the Seven Commandments are basic, meaning each one of these has laws under them making each basic of the Seven categorical.

Being that most come from a religion that has a basis of belief, one may ask is there a way to spiritualize them?

Even though the set up of the commandments by the Creator is designed so that man will operate within a certain parameter; they can also develop a Godly character without you giving up your identity. Through the observance of the Seven one acts or don’t act the action or observance of the basic command can and does you to be a Godly person. You are observing a command of the Creator and this alone is what we call a Godly act.

The Prohibition of idolatry gives one enough room to serve the Creator in many ways which include what one may feel is religious in nature. The longer you observe the Seven in their basic format the more religious they may feel to you.

Apart of the Seven, is that a basic command to do a specific act or don’t do a specific act. It is hard to believe for those raised in other religious systems to feel that there is a spiritual side to being obedient.

When we see a bible of any kind what automatically goes through many minds is, ‘religion’.

What we have to learn is, even though our commandments are part of the Torah; is that the word Torah has a root meaning of ‘instruction’. The first five books of the Hebrew Scripture is called the Torah or it could be translated, The Instruction. The Instruction of Who? The Instruction of our Creator, toward His creation.

Do not let someone with a religion steal you identity. One of our sub-laws are that we of the nations are not to make any new religions that includes one out of the Seven Commandments. Even though our commandments come out of the book of Genesis, we are not given any religious commands to follow or keep. We are not commanded how or when to even pray. From the Seven we are permitted the room to take it further but we are not to form a new religion out of the Seven Commandments.

Just remember, you can keep the  Seven Commandments as basic commands or you can still become Godly without giving up your identity.

Nowhere in the Torah does the Creator ask you to give up family and nation to follow Him. We can walk/follow Him within the framework that He provided for us of the nations.

you can keep the Seven Commandments as basic commands or you can still become Godly without giving up your identity.

Terry W. Hayes

2 thoughts on “Being Godly Without Giving up Identity

  1. Narendra

    It’s definitely a good blog for Noahides. I lost my identity with religion. Again I returned back into truth with the help of a Rabbi.

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