lightbulb abstract

The idea for this blog I got from a conversation from one of my Christian acquaintances.

Most that know me know that I have been dealing with a health issue since last September. I have had to relearn and re-wake some things that have been turned off in my brain. I was told by this person that I got a new opportunity to reinvent myself.

This got me to thinking about our life and the Seven Universal Commandments.
1. Set up courts of justice – Genesis 9:6
2. Prohibition of idolatry – Genesis 2:16
3. Prohibition of blasphemy – Leviticus 24:15
4. Prohibition of murder – Genesis 9:5-6
5. Prohibition of theft – Genesis 2:16-17 Genesis 21:25
6. Prohibition of forbidden sexual relations – Genesis 2:24 Genesis 20:13
7. Prohibition of eating meat taken from a live animal – Genesis 9:4

As I lay in the wee morning hours I got to thinking about reinventing and the Seven Commands. I got to thinking that the Seven Commands and how they are universal. Wherever you go in the world they are the same, and an analogy came to mind to help understand them much more.

The analogy

The Seven Commands are much like light bulbs. The basic laws of nature works on all light bulbs, no matter there size or shape. Generally the light bulb as invented so we humans could see better in darkness or lower lighted situation.

When we go into a store that sells light bulbs, we usually see a display of many types of bulbs. We can find the household kind along with many other sizes and shapes of bulbs. There are those that are for decoration, security, for lamps and all kind of Light fixtures.

We, humans have taken the basic light bulb and have invented many ways of using it but the fact alone is to see better has not changed. Thus creating a wide variety of bulbs and the different fixtures they need.

The Seven Commands are the same, even though they are to govern our basic actions when it comes to the Creator and man. They have a basic understanding that does not change, no mater what country we are in.

Just like the light bulb may come in different sizes and shapes, the basic use of it does not change. Our different cultures comes in different sizes and shapes, but the basic of the Seven Commands are the same and produce their desired result.

So a human can take the Seven Commands from the Creator and reinvent themselves into any thing they want as long as the basics remain the same. Just like the light bulb, there may be a different fixture that requires a different design so the bulb that goes in it will work; the light bulb is like Seven Commands, the basics are the same regardless of culture it is in. An example may be: I was born into a southern USA culture, but someone else is from a Japanese or Indian culture. We all can take the Seven Commands into our individual culture and use them to become the humans we were meant to be.

So, at the same time, I am in the process of not only physically but also spiritually reinventing myself. With the aid of the health issue and the Seven Universal Commands of the Creator I hope to come out the other end a different kind of person.

Terry W. Hayes

Picture Credit:
Terry W. Hayes – light on the Walnut Street Bridge, Chattanooga, Tennessee

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