Psalm 145

artscroll tehillim

Everyone that knows me, knows that Psalm 145 is one of my favorite chapters. For me it says it all and I go back to it very often. In the Hebrew it contains 150 words, it is a culmination of all the Psalms.

The tenth verse of this Psalm has been on my mind lately. I know that there is more to this verse than meets the eye, I personally want dig out all I can on it. But for the purpose of this blog I will quote the verse and the commentary that I have on it. It is for your own study and meditation.

Psalm 145:10
All Your creatures shall thank You, Hashem, and Your devout ones shall bless You. (Artscroll Tanach Series Tehillim)

Living organisms that lack the power of intelligent thought and comprehension are not capable of appreciating God or reciting His praise. However, when human beings recognize God’s marvelous works and realize how God miraculously provides for the need of every creature, they will thank Him. (Radak)

These devout followers are always alert to the new evidence of God’s wondrous works. They painstakingly delve into all areas of nature and marvel at the intricacy of God’s creations, both animal and vegetable.

The Talmud in Bava Kama30a teaches that a person who wishes to be a devotee of God, should study the subject of benedictions; he should search for opportunities to recite the special blessings the Rabbis composed for those who witness marvelous natural phenomena. (Radak)
[For example, the Talmud Berachos 43b teaches that a person who goes out in the month of Nisan and sees fruit trees in blossom should recite the benediction: Blessed are You, Hashem, Who did not delete anything from His world, and created wonderful creations and wonderful trees to give pleasure to humanity.]
(Artscroll Tanach Series Tehillim pg. 1692)

Terry W. Hayes

P.S. Those of the nations are not commanded to study any Jewish text outside our own Commandments, pray or make any blessings to the Creator. As the writer of this blog all I can say that certain private studies has enhanced my walk and faith in the Creator.

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