Home Plate

mark-duffel-377571-unsplash homeplate

There are times that the Creator sends something or someone across your path for you to take note, some times you pick up on this and at other times it may take a period of time before you get the heavenly message.

This happened to me this past week in a number of ways, there was one particular post a friend shared on Facebook that spoke volumes to me.

It was one man’s story of a baseball coaches conference he attended back in the mid 1990s. It is a message for the time our nation is in right now. It can be applied in many different areas. This simple message needs to be shared from the President down to the simplest person in the country.

Below is a brief summary of the article and an application to Noahide Life.

The gentleman giving the speech walked on stage with a home plate from a baseball field hanging around his neck. In the speech he asked how many Pee Wee coaches where in the audience, several raised their hands. Then he asked them a question, “What is the width of home plate? He did this all the way through the Major League coaches and everyone’s answer was the same 17 inches. He went on to show that every pitcher from Pee Wee through Major League is trained to hit a 17 inch target, if they fail they do not enlarge the target to make them feel better. The Target stays the same and never changes, the pitcher has to change and improve in able to hit the target.

As I pondered this message, it came clear to me.

As a Noahide, our Noahide Laws is our Home Plate. They are 7 categorical instructions from the Creator – they are no more or no less. They may have a depth to them but the 7 basic instructions never change. It is our target that we were given by our Coach to hit. Our feelings, desires and wants does not change the Target – as a baseball home plate remains 17 inches – our Noahide Laws remain 7 – all of their sub-laws does not change the number 7, they are the fine details of each of the 7 laws not an addition to them.

Every situation in life, is a pitch from the Creator, every one of them comes across home plate. The Creator’s pitch is most often a test, testing us in one or more of the 7 Laws.

A baseball player enters the game at home plate, once he connects with the ball and starts his trip around the bases, his ultimate goal is to come back across home plate – his start and finish is at the home plate.

There are 3 lessons about home plate we need to grasp –

1. Home Plate never changes
2. Home Plate remains the ultimate goal once your off an running.
3. The batter at home plate has to learn how to read the pitches he is thrown so to adjust his batting swing to the pitch.

We all have an inward desire to walk with the Creator; He has given man a home plate to bat from, it is to be our starting place and our goal.

Out of the blue the Creator sends a simple message to help us understand what we some times complicate.

We all need to remember that the 7 Noahide Laws is our Home Plate in which we stand and swing at the pitches of life, it’s also our goal. Everything we need in life is contained within them.

Come to the home plate and meet the Coach and hear His instructions for the team.

Terry W. Hayes


Photo Credit: Mark Duffel on Unsplash

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