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We all have seen the commercials for those ancestry sites, people looking to find out where they come from and who they are.

This blog is like one of those commercials, but there is a difference, it will take you back further than any of those site will using the DNA of your body – we will tap into an ancient document that gives us information prerecorded about our spiritual DNA. Where we come from and who we are supposed be was given even before our birth. This information is neglected by the majority of mankind – it was hidden in plain sight.

Our spiritual DNA code:

During the life of the first man, Adam, the Creator gave him instructions in which to live by, now some of these instructions were spoken plainly and others were developed from the relationship the Creator had with man. Time went on that even though these instructions were passed down to and through the children of Adam, humans with free will decided to live as they wanted and the end result was a great judgement – the willful violation of the instructions brought upon the earth the Heavenly judgment of the Flood.

Before the Flood the Creator searched the deeds of men and found one who was worthy of being the man chosen to restart the human race, his name was Noah.

The life of Noah was recorded for us today, when the Creator gave Moses His servant the information to write down, it became eternally recorded in the first book of the Torah/Instructions, the book of Genesis. Within the early passage of the book, we will find our spiritual DNA recorded for us.

Genesis 6:9,10

These are the off spring of Noah – Noah was a righteous man, perfect in his generation; Noah walked with God. – Noah had begotten three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Artscroll Tanach Series Bereishis/Genesis

The Sages of Israel reveals to us an awesome truth found in verse 9 – before the listing of his three sons, the Creator tells us that his first offspring of Noah was his righteousness.

Rashi the great Torah commentator tells us that, “good deeds are the real progeny of the righteous.” In other Jewish writings it is recorded that righteousness is Noah’s primary offspring.

“These are the off spring of Noah – Noah was a righteous man, perfect in his generation; Noah walked with God.”

This is the spiritual DNA of our father Noah, in who all mankind today is descended from. Lets take a closer look at who he was and what he passed down to us.

Below is what we are taught by the Sages of Israel on these three areas of Noah’s spiritual life.

Malbim notes that throughout Scripture the term righteous, encompasses exemplary social conduct.

The term perfect, means that someone acts without personal gain or aggrandizement. A perfect person however, acts purely out of love for righteousness.

Walking with God:
Radak explains that the sense of the phrase is: He clung to God and his every action was for the sake of God; he, Noah was not affected by the violence of his contemporaries.

Raban notes: that Noah feared God alone, and was not enticed by the astrology, etc., and certainly not by idolatry. He walked in the way of God taught him for he was a prophet.

In a nutshell – Noah was a man who was not influenced by the wicked society around him. His righteousness was based his honorable social conduct. Noah’s walk with God was in the ways God taught him.

When we examine the life of Noah we find that his righteousness had nothing to do with religion, God did not give him a religion, his righteousness was based on social conduct. His perfectness was based on his love for doing the right thing for his fellow man. This all was recorded and described as a walk with God.

The Instructions given to Adam was kept safe with Noah, after the flood, God recapped some of the instructions and added one pertaining to eating meat.

The book of Genesis has the answers to life – who we are and our human responsibilities.

The offspring of Noah found in verse 9 of Genesis 6 is our identity – our ancestral heritage – our Divine birthright.


We now know where our spiritual DNA comes from – Noah. Our lives need to revolve around doing good deeds for our fellow human and to the earth we are obligated to inhabit. Our love for those good deeds makes us the right kind of human. The instructions we receive are from God they are recorded, when we do them because God has instructed us to do so – we will walk with God just like father Noah did.

During the 3300 years of studying the instructions of God in its original language, the Sages of Israel helps us learn about our spiritual DNA. It is found within the seven categorical instructions within the book of Genesis.

Desiring these instructions will make you perfect, doing them makes you righteous like Noah. Doing them with the knowledge that they are Divine instructions from the Creator is your walk with the Divine. It takes all three of these areas to live righteous and walk with God

The Seven Instructions of Genesis

1. Do not serve any god other than the God of Israel, who is your Creator.
2. Respect the Creator’s Name.
3. Do not involve yourself in any immoral sexual activities.
4. Do not murder another fellow human.
5. Keep your self from all forms of theft.
6. Do not eat any meat taken from an animal that is alive
7. Set up just courts to judge justly between you and your fellow.

“These are the off spring of Noah – Noah was a righteous man, perfect in his generation; Noah walked with God.”

“good deeds are the real progeny of the righteous.”

Terry W. Hayes

Photo Credit: Rob Curran on Unsplash

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  1. “his righteousness had nothing to do with religion” and “good deeds are the real progeny of the righteous” – my favorite two statements. So much wisdom and understanding – great blog!

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