State of Confusion


“Danger Will Robinson, danger !”

This popped in my mind after seeing what is going on in a Noahide Facebook group.

After skimming several threads and even answering some questions I quickly saw that such a page only breeds confusion and thus the birth of this next blog.


For those who do not know, I studied 6+ years for Orthodox Jewish conversion. My personal Jewish teachers have been Satmar and Chabad chassidim. For over 10 years I have studied Breslev and Chabad sources along with other Orthodox Jewish sources on various subject pertaining to Torah,  Halakhot/Jewish Law. One of the things I had to learn early on is to unlearn my western way of thinking and learn the Torah way of thinking.

When I answer a question from another Noahide, my answer is formed from my learning, not my own ideas. If I do not know the exact answer, I will contact my teacher.

That being said, now “The rest of the story” as Paul Harvey use to say.

Some Noahide pages or groups have become a free-for-all, and actually are nothing but a fertile breading ground for confusion. Everyone offering up their opinions. It is not a good place to truly learn how to be a righteous person of the nations. It is a place where ex-Christians can come and get their feelings, emotions and desires vindicated.

Even when a solid rabbi, well studied and is a leading teacher of the Noahide Laws gives an answer to a question in one of these groups, many argue with him wanting to follow their own thinking. And it does not help when another rabbi answers with an opposite answer of the other rabbi. Again these kind of places breeds confusion.

These pages are full of Christians minus jesus. It is like everyone is coming with their own ideas on how things are to be done and when they are told correctly – they ignore it and say things like, “Well, I think or I want to keep…”.

The last part of Zech. 8:23 states, “We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”

We go to the Jews to learn about God,

A person needs to self evaluate themselves, rejecting a false deity alone is not coming out of idolatry – if you come to the Jews to learn about God and your emotions are , “Well I think or I want to keep” then you have not truly left idolatry, nor do you really desire to learn the ways of God.

Such a person is clinging on to the poison of false religious thinking and desires. This only causes one to be in a state of confusion.

We are given an example to learn from in the Torah.

Israel complained many times to Moses that they wanted certain things that they had in Egypt. This caused problems with Israel.

These events, God had recorded in the Torah for us to learn from.

To be one of the righteous of the nations, we have to let go of our Egypt and move on, if not then a person will remain in a state of confusion.

Terry W. Hayes


Photo Credit: John T on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “State of Confusion

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    Having different opinions and answers is fine if a person has an authoritative Torah source to back it up. I agree that offering subjective opinions is problematic.

    1. Thank you,

      Yes, over the past few years I have seen this whole issue grow and now I am seeing the confusion it causes. Coming to Torah involves so much more than changing denominations.

  2. anagelika Dumanski

    This is an awesome writing…I was confused at one time as you write,but had to choose who I would listen to as a Rabbi teaching me Torah as a Noahide[ righteous of the nations]. I know there are many Rabbi’s out there but had to see it in a good light first,,and then choose who would best bring Noahide 7 laws to the teaching table for me. I listened to a few first, then saw the one we would let teach me and George my husband.. we both agreed…I did take about 1 yr,. of convertion classes, but cant convert ,my husband dosent want to,,its ok…Im fine with it,,I just sometimes didn’t know why I cry to go to Israel…I have such a longing to go there,,and I was just there for 1 mth. Helping out a couple who lived in Be-Er Sheva. Its like I was home. I asked my Rabbi this,why do I feel this way, I cant explain it.. and he gave me the most awesome answer I have never heard…I can now understand why I am so wanting to go to Israel. Has to do with the Heavens over the earth, ‘’Shekinah’’ is what Im feeling or sensing in a strong way Rabbi said. I used to cry for hrs. then it would stop for a few wks. then like a wind if would come again..I didn’t know why…so now I know and it makes much sence. Torah is all I want to study and walk in it as Hashem has given these laws to us as righteous of the nations.I take people off drugs and return them to their parents, if they have any ,and give free hair cuts , Or relocate them to a healthy community to live ,work,ect….This is word of mouth for me when I except anyone. Im a person who dosent like to be praised a lot. Im strong in what I believe is truth from Torah. ITS my life.I seek Hashem’s ways. To be kind,,and seek justice,,,and more. Thank you for listening. Shalom, Angelika

  3. Very well written and presented Terry.
    This is partly why one needs to be so careful when establishing associations with the various Noahide groups. As for rabbinic disagreements, as you know we debate almost everything and often hold differing views. This is normative Judaism and why, in my opinion, Noahidim do well to chose one rabbi. Studying various views can be educational but they can also lead to confusion.

    The Noahide Way is intended to be simple. Live a moral an ethical life, honor and be humble before HaShem, and do the vital work of tikkun olam (repairing the world). Today too many people, including some rabbis, are working to establish a defacto Noahide religion, of course under their own sectarian authority. This is troubling.

    Take care and may HaShem continue to bless your work.

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