Clear The Mechanism

I want to thank my wife for the inspirational input she gave me for this blog. We have been discussing the current events like many others. I have been wanting to write a piece about something I saw happing among the many who was voicing their feelings over the current events here in the USA. During one of our conversations she said something and there she described the very thing I was thinking but could not find the words to express it.

She said, “There is to much noise.” That was it, all of our media outlets have become a den of blaring and troublesome noise. The noise is nothing but a tool for confusion and distraction.

She went on to mention a favorite scenes from the movie, For Love of the Game. Kevin Costner plays a baseball pitcher, the crowd is roaring, shouting, air horns are blasting and fans are screaming all around him. Before he pitches the ball, he says to himself, “Clear the mechanism”, then with deep focus he shuts the noise off and focuses only at the task at hand and throws a strike ball.

Below is a short clip of the scene.

Like the stadium full of people making a roaring noise, life all around us is doing the same thing. All the media outlets, TV, radio and internet are doing one thing – making such a loud noise that it is distracting and confusing just about everyone.

This brings me to the point of this blog, those of us that have chosen to walk with the Creator, the God of Israel, we have to clear the mechanism and focus on the task at hand, living righteous lives before God and man. We have to remind ourselves that the Creator is in control.

Proverbs 16:9 
"A man's heart will plot his way, but the Creator directs his steps."

This noise the world is making is not new, think about Noah for a moment. The world was in such a shape that the Creator had to bring a flood before man destroyed himself. He had a man that had cleared the mechanism, he shut off the noise around him and focused on the task at hand, the Creator tells us that Noah walked with Him and that he did everything he was told to do (Genesis 6).

As the noise level of our world increases every day let us clear our mechanisms by meditating on Psalms 62.

Psalms 62:6
“Only for God, wait silently, my soul; from Him is my hope.”

Clear The Mechanism – shut off the noise, wait in silence and wait only for God.

Terry W. Hayes

Photo Credit: Kristina Flour on Unsplash

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