Navigating Earth Pt. 2

I have recently rewritten and updated Navigating Earth Pt. 1. I recommend rereading or reading it first before continuing on with Part 2.

Thank you for joining us on our treasure hunt.

Back to the Beginning:

As stated in Part 1, the Creator gave Israel the instruction manual – the map of the Divine Navigational System/DNS for humanity, and along with it, they were given the mission as its caretaker . Due to the world’s evil treatment of the caretakers, they for a time had to withdraw from as much contact with the other nations as possible.

Slowly over the past seven decades the doors for the caretakers of the DNS have crept open. Some time in the1980s a few people from the nations made their way to the caretakers and began to ask questions. Ever so slowly the caretakers began sharing with people of the nations the map that showed where the DNS could be found.

First Dig

When the caretakers opened the ancient book of the Creator, they pointed to a particular spot on the map, here, it is here where you need to start digging.

Genesis 1:1
“In the beginning of God’s creating the heavens and earth”

And so the dig had begun.

The dig began to slowly reveal many hidden treasures that the people of the nations had lost over time. Thankfully, they were not left alone in their search. The caretakers were and are there to guide explanations of the finding. They know that left alone, the people of the nations would be quick to misinterpret their discoveries.

The first dig revealed, the Hebrew word, ‘Bereishis’ it is the first word of the Torah and is translated as, ”In the beginning”.

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch teaches two interesting aspects of this opening word of the Torah.

  1. One of the meanings of ‘reishis’ is a beginning of movement – a beginning of time. A beginning of all existence, ‘Bereishis’ proclaims that nothing existed prior to God’s act of creation. The first verse teaches us that the world was brought into existence from non-existence.

This constitutes the basis of the conviction that the Torah seeks to instill within us.

  1. Bereishis also is the foundation of our awareness of God, world and man.

Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s teaching on the first verse of the Torah brings out a very important lesson. This lesson is the base code of the DNS.

“In the beginning God created.” The basic idea expressed in these words is that creation took place, something from nothing. This concept is a tenet of faith in Judaism (the caretakers). However, the Torah is not a guide to the metaphysical, its focus is on moral imperatives. Each article of faith must therefore convert into a moral norm.”

King David suggested that by virtue of having crated the world, God is its Owner in full legal sense.

Psalms 24:1-2
To the Eternal belongs the earth and its fullness, the world and those who dwell in it. For He founded it upon seas, and established it upon rivers.

The Creator is the full legal Owner of creation, this is a very important fact to grasp as we continue to dig and uncover the code of the Divine Navigational System

To be continued.

Terry W. Hayes

Photo Credit: Jordan Madrid on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Navigating Earth Pt. 2

  1. anagelika Dumanski

    Love this writing, It is so important to know where things began, and who began it. That is where we start to know wisdom, and knowledge, to know how to walk on this earth, and how morality should be as a behavior in our nations, societies, with kindness and justice…thanks Terry for this blog…so appreciate your truth of this matter” In the Beginning”

  2. andrea chester

    Terry…if your link at the beginning of this post was supposed to take us to Navigating #1…it did not. Just letting you know. Thanks for all you do.

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    1. Thanks for letting me know.
      The link has changed in how it is working. When first I posted Part 2 the link took you directly to Part 1. Now when I click click the link it brings Part 1 up under Part 2. on my PC. It may show up different on a device like a phone or tablet.

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