The Goal of Emuna

Everyday life can pull us in so many directions. A single day can have multiple issues tugging at us all at once. Our minds are consumed with so many worries about our jobs, families, house, car, food, pay check, health and the list can just go on.

Without even thinking sometimes when the pressures of life come on us we may tend to look at other sources for help. Maybe there are multiple issue going on at the same time that demands the need for more income to handle them. So you start weighing your options of taking on more hours at work or getting an additional job or even consider playing the lottery more often.

There are times when the weight of the world comes crashing in and we forget about emuna and start looking elsewhere for answers.

Tehillim/Psalms 62 provides the answer for us all. It is the goal – the end game of emuna.

We need to take time to slow down, take a deep breath and set in silence before our Creator for a while.

Tehillim 62:6,8

  1. For God alone my soul waits silently – because from Him is my hope.

“The Hebrew word for ‘alone’ serves to exclude all power except God’s. It recurs throughout this Psalm, for the composer extols that pure conviction and unadulterated faith which recognizes none but the Almighty.” (Yaavets; Hirsh)

  1. Upon God rest my salvation and my glory, the Rock of my strength – my refuge is with God.

“God is so intimately involved with my affairs that there is no reason for me to be concerned with my personal welfare.” (Ibn Ezra)

“God will grant me this complete protection and concern only if I depend upon Him without reservations and without placing my trust in any other force. I must consider Him alone as the Rock of my strength. I may seek refuge only in God.” (Alshich)  

“Upon God rest…” This is the end game of emuna.

In every situation in life we have to cling to this. In the mix of life it is easy to forget and let our emotions try to figure out the answers from within ourselves but we must cling to this very fact that every detail of our life rests upon God our Creator.

Terry Hayes



Scripture translation and quotes are from the Artscroll Tanach Series Tehillim Vol 1 Pages 766,769.



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    Very good!!! So this is advice for both of us😊 fix the word weighting to weighing. Love you😘😘😍

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