Reclaiming Your Bnei Noach Birthright: Pt.1

First, I want to give credit where credit is due. I want to thank Abby Sookraj and Jacob Scharff of for the inspiration of this blog series. They made a couple of statements on one of their teaching videos that got my mind to spinning and pondering and everyone that knows me personally, knows that meditation and pondering things is what I do a lot of.

So that you understand why this concept of reclaiming your Bnei Noach birthright is so important to me I want to share a little of my backstory. There may be many out there that can relate to this or just maybe someone is in a place of decision and needs a little more info to help them make the right choice.

I was born into a church going family. I spent 40+ years of my life in one form of Christianity or another. In 2009 I was challenged to seek out an answer to a question a member of my home bible study group had asked. In the intense search for the answer, what I found was not what I was expecting. My search led me to Ezekiel 18; I will not get into the details of that chapter in this blog that will be the subject of future blogs.

Anyway, that led me to a biblical truth that caused me to make a major decision about my religious beliefs. When I stepped out on this truth, I did what a lot of folks do when they discover the truth in the Hebrew Scriptures, I began to seek to join the Jewish people, to become one of them and live by the covenant given to them by the Creator at Mount Sinai. With this decision made, I would end up spending the next 7 or so years studying, working and planning for this new life, I looked at everything through Jewish eyes only. I spent year after year living for what I thought was going to happen tomorrow and neglected the G-d given gift that was right in front of me.

For the sake of this blog, below is a paraphrased and compiled version of the statements that Abby and Jacob had made; I also have added a little to it as well for continuity.

“The Bnei Noach Laws/Code is a birthright belonging to every non-Jewish person; you do not have to convert, you were born into it. One does not have to trash or leave their respective culture to have a relationship with the Creator. By living your Bnei Noach Birthright you take part in cleaning up your culture and your world bringing out the beauty within it for the glory of our Creator.”

I am going to end this part of the series here so you can have the opportunity to meditate on this. Part two coming soon.

Terry W. Hayes


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