Everyone has hopes, dreams, desires and big plans for the future, setting their sights on goals that they want to reach at certain points in their life.

Have you ever stopped and taken note of the goals and dreams you have, to see where their origin comes from? Maybe it is from a person or a group you admire that you are striving to belong to.

It is human nature to want to belong to something greater than our self. This is why mega churches and social media are packed with people seeking to connect.

I too, like many have sought to want to be a part of a certain group to the point I was trying to arrange my life to meet that goal. One day while meditating a certain passage in the Tehillim/Psalms came to mind; I retrieved the book of Tehillim from the shelf, found the passage and read it several times meditating on what it was saying. Shortly after, I used the passage to question a particular goal that I had been striving toward for many years that seemed to be going nowhere. The result was a major life changing event.

For me, I have found that this passage in the Tehillim can be a key to unlocking the will of G-d for your life. It might just be that all the seemingly closed doors to your dreams are closed for a purpose and all the pushing against them causes frustration and disappointment.

Let’s take a look at the passage in the Tehillim,

Tehillim 62:6
Only for God, wait silently, my soul; for from Him comes my hope.

Another translation has it, “For God alone…”.

The question that came to me is, “What was I waiting on?”

I had been waiting for all the right things to happen so I could move on to my next phase in life. I had been proverbially looking over the fence wanting what was in someone else’s yard and did not even know what was all in my own yard that I was rejecting. My goals and dreams for a certain life I was wanting was not the Creator’s plan for me. I had to stop and put my thoughts “Only” on Him, my Creator. I had to put my particular desire to be someone and somewhere else on hold and meditate on Him alone.

Once I waited on Him to show me what He had already provided for me, and I accepted it, my life turned and began to change in leaps and bounds.

We have to get to the point where we say to our self, to our hopes, desires, plans and goals – “Only for God alone do I will wait, I will hope, and desire – For God alone”

When we do this, His will for your life will start to be revealed; then doors will start to open that He wants for you; they will overtake you and the best things in life that He wills for you will come about.

This leads us to,

Proverbs 16:9
A man’s heart will plot his way, and G-d will set his steps aright.”

This one little verse shows how involved our Creator is involved with our lives. We can plot, plan, and set all the goals we want but in the end – the Creator directs our very steps. When we combined this with “For G-d alone does my soul wait…” then and only then will we see where He is directing our feet.

Take time to meditate on Tehillim 62:6 – say over and over in your mind “Only for G-d do I wait”

Don’t wait on your plans and goals, don’t spend years chasing them, wait only for G-d and then watch what happens next.

Wait only for God and then ask Him to show you where He wants your feet to take you.

Terry W. Hayes


2 thoughts on ““Only…”

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    I like what you wrote. I believe G-d should come first. But I note that the G-d only position can be taken too far. Some people say they do not need to work, eat or have a family. They only need G-d. To pretend that men of flesh and blood have no material needs and worldly desires is a lie. A healthy life needs to balance the spiritual and the material, the divine and the worldly.

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    The intent of this blog was not to lead folks to the “G-d only” position as you have described. I too know people like that. This blog was birthed from the passage in the Tehillim that through it and prayer, I had for years set out to reach a particular goal that I was determined to reach. I would not consider anything else. Hashem showed me through this that I had not really waited on Him in this pursuit that it was all me.

    The beauty of the Noahide life is the combination of observing the Sheva Mitzvos and remaining who you are without having to change your culture or nationality to walk with Hashem.

    My intent was to show that waiting for G-d alone in our everyday life makes it an amazing life. We take Him with us into the world He has placed us in. The Noahide life is walking with G-d right where we are without having to leave it to follow Him.

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