Pursuing Your Divine Birthright Pt 1

    Have you ever pondered what the first moments of Adam’s life must have been like? Here he was a newly created being fresh from the Maker’s hands. What must the first hours been like? The conversation he had with his Maker. Have you ever thought about that the Creator just did not turn him loose on this brand new world to do as he pleased. The Creator must have had some sort of operating instructions for this new life. If so, what could they have been?
    Shimon Dovid Cowen in his book, The Theory & Practice of Universal Ethics – The Noahide Laws asks the following question and gives an answer:
    “Why, and for what purpose did G-d create the world and give the human being a unique agency in it?”
    “As far humanity is concerned, it was in order to model the creation on Divine values. These values are to be found the resonance of two “objectives”: G-d and the human soul, made, by the biblical testimony, in the image of G-d (Bereishis/Genesis 1:26). The concept of universal ethical values – or a common human conscience (spiritual conscience) – is related to the biblical notion of the ability of the human being to “imitate” G-d. The values of the common conscience or soul in the human being are universal and eternal because they imitate the one G-d. Who fashioned in the human soul and replicated in it, His own unique set of attributes.
    After the first man was created the Creator gave him instructions to live by, these instructions were passed down to Noah, after the Flood the Creator added a new one to the list. Then they were passed down to Abraham who taught them to his children and household. Then on Mount Sinai Creator had Moses write them down along with all the other instructions that was given to Israel.
    As noted above contained within every person is a set of Divine attributes. The Divine Birthright is a set of instructions to live life by. They are rational and resonates with every soul that is of sound mind. The birthright is summarized within seven instructions, the seven instructions are categorical, meaning that there are many sub instructions that fall under each one. When one sets out to study these birthright instructions that one is born into, he or she is attaching themselves to Divine Wisdom from the Creator.
    What makes this birthright so special, why should you get excited about it?
    Think for a moment of all the religions and theologies that cover the earth like the water does the sea. How much confusion all this has brought upon mankind, especially with every other group declaring that theirs is the only religion to believe in. How many wars have been fought over religion and how much hatred shown on other people because of beliefs and prejudices?
    When the Creator created man, he did not give him a religion; He gave him a set of instructions to live by. Contained within are instructions on how a person is to act toward the Creator and his fellow man. One of the beautiful thing about our birthright is that it is not a religion but a moral standard of living that if everyone on the planet would tap into their Divine Birthright, the earth would experience harmony and peace.
    So you may be wondering what is this Divine Birthright?
    The modern term for it is The Noahide Laws.
    The term Noahide or Bnei Noach (children of Noah) comes from the fact that all people on the earth today are decedents from the one family of Noah. So today the instruction that the Children of Noah inherited from him are called, The Noahide Laws.
    Before we get into what they are I have a few other things I want you to ponder.
    Before the Flood we are told in Bereishis/Genesis 6:9 that “Noah walked with G-d.” This walk caused him to be considered righteous. Have you ever wondered what that walk was like? What did Noah do for the Creator that caused Him on Mount Sinai to tell Moses to write down the fact that, “Noah walked with G-d”?
    We are told that G-d judged the earth and found it in an evil state, one that He rendered a world wide judgment to destroy all life except this one man and his family and a selection of animals from across the planet. The Name of G-d that He gives us in His Torah at this time means ‘Judge’. So, when He judged the earth and all that was in it, what laws did He judge by? Have you ever considered these questions?
    The Noahide Laws from the time of the first man through Noah in whom all humanity was saved through are our Divine Birthright – in the study of them we tap into the Divine Wisdom of our Creator who not only instilled their rational attributes in our souls but spoke them with His own voice to Moses to record forever in the eternal Torah.
    This alone should excite you and cause you to pursue them.
    In knowing that the Noahide Laws are wisdom and we were created with rational understanding within us, then we can see an amazing connection with the words of King Solomon in Proverbs 2 where he says, “Make your ears attentive to wisdom, incline your heart to understanding, give forth your voice to discernment, seek for them as silver and search for it as a hidden treasure and when you do this you will understand the fear of the Eternal and discover the knowledge of G-d” (paraphrased)
    There are many voices in the world to keep you away from your Divine Birthright. Even though unknowingly, you were born into this system of law or instructions to guide your life by, the Creator did place in your soul the divine attributes that would lead you to them.
Your Divine Birthright is a hidden treasure that must be sought after and once you have found it, your soul will rejoice in the Creator for such a great treasure that is yours, It is
your path to walk with the Creator as Noah did so many millennia ago.
    Below is only the raw list of the Divine Birthright containing the instructions for life on the planet. They go much deeper than what they look like at face value.
1. Prohibition of idolatry.
2. Prohibition of blasphemy.
3. Prohibition of murder.
4. Prohibition of theft.
5. Prohibition of forbidden sexual relations.
6. Prohibition of eating meat taken from a live animal.
7. Setting up courts of justice.
    In part two I hope to get into what to do after you have discovered your Divine Birthright and want to walk with the Creator by His Divine Wisdom.
Terry W. Hayes

3 thoughts on “Pursuing Your Divine Birthright Pt 1

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    I think the existence of many religions in the world has been the main cause of wars throughout history. Religion influences the lives of men more so than language and culture. You make a claim I heard many times before. You say that the Noahide Laws are not a religion. Yet you use words such as G-d, Creator, Maker, Divine. These are religious concepts. They have meaning in a religious context only. I know that my position on this seems to be in the minority. But I fear that your position secularizes Torah Law.

    1. When I say that it is not a religion it is based on the fact that within the Noahide Laws there are no religious rites or ceremonies to observe. They are a moral standard for all humanity to observe. There are no religious holidays, set times of prayer or even a commandment to pray. But I will be covering these issues in further blogs.

  2. Hrvatski Noahid

    The Noahide Laws are not secular but a moral standard. God commanded them. This means that they are a religion by definition. We will have to agree to disagree. I look forward to your future articles.

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