A Grain Of Sand


Have you ever seen what sand looks like from under a microscope? The borrowed picture from the internet on the left is a sample of what sand looks like up close. It has a magnificent beauty from the Creator; it also has a hidden strength assigned to it by the Creator as we will see.

This post is inspired by something I have read in my study of the book of Job via the Artscroll Tanach Series commentary on the book. Not only what I read cause my mind to go into some deep thought, but it also took me back to a section in the book of Bereishis/Genesis that I have spent literally years going over and meditating on. It won’t be the last time that I will venture back to those passages in my blogs.

First, lets look at what inspired me from the book of Job.

“Am I the sea…that you should set guards against me!” Job 7:12

The Creator has set a boundary around the sea that does not permit the sea to come ashore. Job describes this as though the sand of the beach is like a guard not letting an intruder in. The commentary from Artscroll puts it like this, “It’s the sand that guards the sea. The prodigious effort of wave after wave thrusting outward is always frustrated. Eventually the tide retreats, exhausted by its futile battling.”

As I pondered this for a while, my thoughts took me back again to the conversation that the Creator had with Cain. My wife is always telling me that it seems that everything takes me back to that conversation. To be honest way back in around 2006 – 2007 after spending many, many hours that turned into years of studying that conversation I personally concluded that the book of Bereishis/Gensis held the answers to life and in the years since then I have found that to be true.

Bereishis 4:7
“Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven. But if you do not improve yourself, sin rest at the door. Its desire is toward you, yet you can conquer it.” Artscroll The Stone Edition Chumash

Do you see the metaphorical similarities between the sand and self improvement, the sea and sin?

In Bereshis 4:7 we are given a very important lesson for life by the Creator, that self improvement, working on and continual improvement of our character traits will bring forgiveness and hold back the flood of sin in our lives.

The mighty sea desires to over take the beach, this is symbolic of how sin’s desire is toward us and will take us over if we do not have a guard set against it.

Sand, when looked at under a microscope reveals a marvelous wonder. It is made up of many different sizes and shapes of varying particles. But when you combine it with thousands upon thousands of other sand particles it become a barrier that can hold back the mighty seas of the planet.

We all have many different character traits that makes up who we are. We all posses positive and negative traits that lead us in our decision making.

Within the path of obeying the Creator through the 7 Laws of Noah there are many detailed parts of each law that can be studied out in helping us walk with Him but what is not talked as much about when dealing with the Noahide laws is the subject of self improvement by refining our individual character traits.

What I got out of this comparing the statement in Job and the passage from Bereishis 4 is this:

Our character traits are like minute sand particles. When we work on improving our traits along with our obedience to the Creators laws that He has for us to do; we will build a beachhead against the sea of sin – our self improvement becomes the guard that is set against sin. Sin may throw its waves at us, but in the end we can conquer it and like the tide, it will retreat.

The prodigious effort of wave after wave thrusting outward is always frustrated. Eventually the tide retreats, exhausted by its futile battling”

From the very beginning of the words of the Creator to us, we are told that this process will bring us forgiveness.

Now all we have to do is take Him at His word.

Terry W. Hayes
ben Noach


3 thoughts on “A Grain Of Sand

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    If anyone needs to work on improving character traits, it is immodest women.
    When you look at older and newer generations, you will see that today’s women are unbelievably immodest. They are mostly responsible for the sea of sin that surrounds us. And HaShem will punish them.

    1. Thank you for your insight but no one is free of negative character traits, some may have them worse than others. The best thing for the world is for us to work on ourselves first before blaming others for the world’s ailments. Like charity, self improvement begins at home.

      1. Hrvatski Noahid

        There is a huge difference between negative character traits and leading others to sin.
        If a woman causes me to sin through her way of dressing and acting, it becomes my problem.

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