God’s Faith


There is a line of prayers that the Jewish men pray 3 times a day. The prayers were written by a group of men called ‘The Great Assembly’, there was approx. 120 men including many of the Prophets.

One of the prayers is Gibor Adon-ai or Might of God, It deals with the resurrection, and with the fact that God causes life and death and that He has the power to bring back to life.

The Might of God prayer:

“You are eternally mighty, my LORD, Who Resurrects the dead; You are abundantly able to save, You sustain the living with kindness; resurrect the dead with abundant mercy, support the fallen, heal the sick, release the confined, and maintain Your faith to those asleep in the dust. Who is like you, O Master of mighty deeds, and who is comparable to You, O King Who causes death and restores life and makes salvation come forth! And You are faithful to resurrect the dead. Blessed are You, LORD Who resurrects the dead.”

It was after the fact of my mother’s death and I was going through conversion to Orthodox Judaism that I came across this prayer and the history of ‘The Great Assembly’.

Then in my studies, I studied it more in depth, this brought me to a question that I would like to ask you as I have asked the question myself, “In your faith, reading or studies, have any of you thought about ‘God’s faith’?”

Many sermons, or lectures on the subject of ‘faith’ seems to always touch on or around our faith in God but what about God’s faith? What is God’s faith? What does this faith have to do with humanity?


I have had a lot of time to ponder things. Being put flat of one’s back beyond your control gives one time to think. As I pondered faith in God, I thought of the thousands of graveyards scattered across this and other lands. Each one filled with some kind of faith. Each one of those persons had died with some kind of faith. I and you one day will join the ranks of many before us. We will have our faith right or wrong, we will join the dead.

It is our hope regardless of who we are that God’s faith will remember us. That is important while we are alive that we study and know as much as possible, everyone that has entered the grave before us will know that they by themselves have entered into the presence of the Creator. And it was there, they learned their fate, not only about their faith, but His faith as well.

and maintain Your faith – God’s Faith

Terry W. Hayes

Photo Credit:
Terry Hayes

2 thoughts on “God’s Faith

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    I am sorry about your mother’s death. I am very close with my mother. I cannot imagine life without her.
    > we will join the dead. A Gentile’s capacity to fear is not required to be reserved for G-d alone. I fear death. All men fear death.
    > everyone that has entered the grave before us will know that they by themselves have entered into the presence of the Creator. And then it will be too late to change anything. I wonder how christians will feel when they realize they worshiped a dead man on a cross instead of the Master of the Universe.

    1. I have wondered the same thing. One needs to be able change and be willing to admit they were wrong. I have learned when it comes to religion that change is inevitable thing.

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