God’s Presence

apart4-copyI know that among the Seven Universal Commandments there is no command to be in or enter into the Creator’s presence. But we in the USA deal with a lot of folks coming in to the knowledge of the biblical 7 Laws  with a Christian background who most likely have a history of the presence of God being preached at them.

This morning, as I watched the sunrise over the eastern mountains, the presence of God came to mind and so I pondered it a bit.

The question came to me, “Does the Creator want us to come into His presence?” I know for some that may seem like a hard question. But let’s look at it for a moment.

Even from a New Testament standard, Jesus handpicked those who would be in his inner circle. He didn’t just allow anyone to enter.

Nor do you. We choose our friends. We all have chosen the wrong friends, the ones who stab you in back or turn and leave you when you have nothing else to offer them or changed your life direction that didn’t suit them.

As a human created within the ‘image of God’ or with free will, I choose to live life the way it seems fit I don’t let everyone that wants to in enter my inner circle of friends. We as humans only allow people come in as far to us and our presence as we allow them to.

God is no different. He has His inner circle as well. The Covenant keeping  Jews or Israel are in that inner circle the rest of mankind do not like it, look at the volumes of religions that claim that they have ‘the truth’. They want that inner circle with God, if you want it join the Nation, He allows more people in but it is not without price.

There will be Christians fighting against me on this,  but are you obeying the Creator first or are you giving Him lip service?

In Genesis 2:16 there is a profound and overlooked statement. Many Christians are not taught correctly to study. English is ok but it can hide many truths but the English will suffice in this situation.

Genesis 2:16a
“And the LORD God commanded the man”

Most folks read the front of their bibles as if it was a story or for history but not for instruction. The Hebrew let us know something that is hidden. The first word of the verse actually refers to word “command”. From this verse, when studied out we can learn many things. What we learn is who is speaking, to whom he is speaking and what is wanted from who is speaking.

1. It is the Creator speaking
2. In the context He is speaking to “the man”.
3. The Creator is speaking in the way of a command.

Look up the word command as a verb, you will find that it is an ‘authoritative order’.

So, we, have learned from the verse, that  God, the Creator,  is speaking to the man. We non-Jewish people take that verse serious, we take that the Creator is speaking to us personally; for we are His creation.

There is a lot that is overlooked in the book of Genesis alone. He is the Maker; I am the made ; and I find it dutiful to listen.

Before we try to run to the presence of God, let us try to obey His commands first and that will make all the difference.

Here are the foundational Seven Universal Commandments we learn from the book of Genesis.

The Prohibition of idolatry
The Prohibition of blaspheme/cursing God
The Prohibition murder
The Prohibition of theft
The Prohibition of deviant sexual behavior
The Prohibition of eating meat from a live animal
Setting up of courts of justice

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Terry W. Hayes

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Terry Hayes


3 thoughts on “God’s Presence

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    Genesis 2:16 is the most important verse in all of the Five Books of Moses. It is the source of all Noahide commandments. I will add that G-d does not have a body or any form. But moonlight and spiritual (non-consuming) flames are representative of G-d’s Divine Presence.

  2. Cathryn DeSpain

    Thank you, Terry, for always being “right on” in your writing. I have enjoyed reading your blogs since we “met” over a year ago on in the Emuna Sunday morning group. I found your comments to always be profound and thought provoking. You are a gifted teacher, and I enjoy your posts so much. I pray you and your beloved wife are doing well.

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