The Pulpit, The Pew And Beyond

Rabbi Brody teaches that one should not be ashamed of their past, it is where you were that got you to where you are at now. Today’s blog is more of an autobiographical, so my readers can know me a bit more.

Many of my readers know that one time I was a Christian, what they may not know was for a time I was an Associate Pastor of a small Pentecostal church in the south.

I got my start out as a teacher in an assisted living home. I had five little elderly ladies that attended each week. From the first morning, when I first walked up to teach, I had known for the reason I was born, it had been the most spiritual fulfillment I ever experienced.

I went into the duties of the Assoc. Pastorate over the young adult ministries that led to our children’s ministry for the church, which in time turned out to be quite successful. I also would fill in for the Pastor on some Wednesday nights and Sundays when needed.

God Chasers

Back when I attended our regular church before entering into the ministry. I had read at the time a very poplar book; written by Tommy Tenney The God Chasers. I don’t remember much of the book except the title and who wrote it, I just remember that it described me to a tee. For me, I had become lifetime God Chaser, which would lead me down a very interesting path.


Having mentioned in previous conversations, I had my spiritual rug yanked out from under me. The denomination my wife and I grew up in dismantled around us. It no longer exists as one we grew up in. Since then, we discovered we were brainwashed and other cultish views taught. From that background in a way I had to become a God chaser; it caused me to become a searcher. From that time I would never be a normal pew setter again.


I kind of came to the knowledge of the Seven Universal Commandments from, what I think is an unusual way.

Like most, my part of the journey was to trade one religion for another. For a brief stint of time I found myself within a Messianic church. I gravitated toward Messianic church because of my background was in a Sabbath/7 day keeping church. I had left Messianic Christianity to study 6-7 years for conversion into Orthodox Judaism. My wife and I was looking for a community; when we had found the one we hoped to move to. I had asked myself the one question I had been asked over and over “Why do you want to convert?”

To be truthful that answer changed many times. This time was different, I had went outside to meditate and a particular psalm came to mind, while meditating on the psalm I had come to several conclusions, from these conclusions I came to the Seven Universal Commandments for all mankind.

One of the issues I was having was the fact that where I was located at, I got to the point I could not keep the commands I was learning, with the Seven Commandments that the Creator gave mankind was not regulated to a place or time but to whoever was near me no matter where I lived.

Short and simple, the majority of the commandments given to all of man deals with how we treat each other.

All of the Creator’s commandments are important but there seems to be thread through history of man’s involvement with the Creator since the Flood we can examine.


In this place I would like to recommend a book. Artscroll Tanach Series on Jonah. It is a great book to have for the study of repentance.

You as non-Jew will have to filter out what is written for the Jews they too study the story for repentance but from a Israeli perspective. It is interesting that the Creator uses one book to teach two but separate groups.

I will finish up by showing you something that the book’s of Genesis and Jonah have in common.

“…for you have I seen…”

Jonah 3:10a
“And God saw..”

Please see my Reference/Links page for further study materials.  

Terry W. Hayes

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Terry W. Hayes

2 thoughts on “The Pulpit, The Pew And Beyond

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey. I was a roman catholic as a child. I became an atheist and a pagan. Although I hated christianity, I loved the Torah. I respected the Jewish people. But I did not wish to convert to Judaism. I still think that conversion to Judaism is not wise. The 613 Jewish commandments are more restrictive and numerous than the 7 Noahide commandments. I heard horror stories about converts who failed to keep the 613 commandments. But then I found the 7 Noahide commandments. I do not have to change my Gentile identity. I cannot be a good Jew. But I can be good enough in the eyes of G-d.

    1. Agreed. I too, am grateful for the 7 Commandments. Staying a gentile let me get to know my Creator more than spending my time worrying if I did the mitzvah right. I am more free to get to know and help the humanity around me.

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