Living Faith

As of right now, the last day of November, I have not worked since about the second week of September. I have had a lot of time to spend on thinking and spend time thinking on certain scripture text.

Last night was no difference. Those who may have taken time to read my blog describing my abbreviated journey; know that I have been around the religious block, so to speak.

In my early fifties, I have come to a place in my life to understand that my Creator expects something of me. I have taken on the study of the book of Genesis to learn what is expected. What I have learned in my study is that there are seven basic commands that my Creator wants me to live by.

In these commands are laws pertaining to the Creator and to all humanity. Even though my Creator is concerned about my personal health and how it relates to Him, He seems to be more concerned about my person to person interaction.

Recently while upon my bed the subject of faith entered my mind, soon after it was the thought about how faith needs to be a live and living.

During the last month, I had a thought come to me about graveyards. When one looks at a graveyard, they see many graves, each one of the graves is filled with someone who had a faith of some kind.

Many of graves bear the symbols of a cross or even a star of David denoting that the person was of the Christian or Jewish beliefs. Knowing that my own time is coming to enter the dirt; I wonder what their faith was while living; what would be my own living faith?

What you believe is not necessarily who you are!

There is an old Jewish saying:

“Contemplate three things, and you will not come to the hands of transgression: Know what is above from you: a seeing eye, a listening ear, and all your deeds being inscribed in a book”. Ethics of the Fathers chapter 2

I know a southern Christian who believe that they can commit murder and still is saved.

Even though this is not biblically taught belief within the Hebrew Scriptures, this can show you the power a lie has over some one.

There is a world full of belief systems. The Creator is concerned how we treat one another. Even in the Jewish faith they have a question that God the Creator asks us when we return. It goes some thing like this; on our return to the Creator after we have spent time on the earth, the first question we are asked, “Was your business affaires in order?” meaning, how did you do when dealing with others?

How we deal with other people is what our faith is all about.

The study of the story of Jonah bore this out.
Check out the blog below I wrote about my study. I wrote it with my homeland in mind but it could apply to anyone living anywhere.

This morning I had written a post of what was on my mind in the early morning hours.
“Faith no lived, is not faith at all.”

It is good to be righteous and do all that the Creator asks of us, to truly be the human that the Creator wants is to go beyond the commandments and see His image in every person and to help out each other when we can.

Having a living faith is better than having a faith.

The graveyard is full of folks that had some kind of faith. The dirt has piled up and the grass has grown.

It is time for those of us living, to live our faith.

Terry W. Hayes


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