Deceit Pt.1

There are at least two commercials that I have seen on TV that does not reflect what a God fearing person should be striving for. In these commercials they promote lying to get a desired want.

The one lies to a little girl to teach exercise; the other one has a man hiding something so he has the excuse to drive the new car to the store.

Modern liberal media advertising in America is trying tell us it is ok to lie as long it is pursuit of our personal desires.

Do you want life?

In ancient Israeli times there was a rabbi named Alexandri who walked around the streets acting like a peddler. He would ask over and over, “Who loves life?” When the people heard this they would respond, “Give us life” After hearing this he would remind the people of king David’s words.
Psalms 34:13-14
“Who is the man whose desires life, and loves days, that he may see good. Keep your tongue evil, and your lips from speaking deceit.”

King David goes on to tell us that even deceit can affect our life span.

Psalms 55:24
“Men of bloodshed and deceit shall not live out half of their days.”

Commercials like the ones mentioned earlier plays on the sub-conscious mind; God fearing people must fight the influx of this current world’s wickedness!

The subject of deceit is a major subject and it touches so many things in our lives today; it is one of the things that the Creator abhors.

Psalms 101:7
“He that works deceit shall not dwell in My house…”

Deceit touches on robbery; one of the sins of the Great Flood!
Those of us who seek to be God fearers needs to examine our lives so that we can rid ourselves of this action.

Terry W. Hayes

Recommended study material:
Chofetz Chaim Lessons in Truth – Translation and Commentary by Rabbi Shimon Finkelman

One thought on “Deceit Pt.1

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    > God fearing people must fight the influx of this current world’s wickedness!
    I work as a business translator. Few outsiders know how evil the business world is. Most businessmen are liars. They will end a man’s life, family, hopes and dreams without blinking an eye. I have enough wisdom to stay away from the wrong people. But I trust no one. We live in a dark and evil world. We need a Torah theocracy. We need to clean house.

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