My Noahide Experience



Since leaving Christianity, I have had many discussions with other Christians. Somewhere in the talks they will bring up how Jesus/Yeshua changed their life and how he delivered them from some kind of vise, like, alcohol, drugs or so on.

A well known rabbi once said after hearing a similar comment, “That’s not a reason to believe in Jesus because others from other religions say the say thing about their deity. People from all religions experience something to cause them to  hang on to their beliefs. (Paraphrased)”

Even in my own Noahide experience, I experienced personal changes, let me explain.

I am not the person I once was, even when I accepted the Creators 7 universal Laws for my own life – it was not about accepting the Creator but accepting His commandments. It has been the keeping and meditating on the 7 Universal Commandments that has changed me for the better.

it was not about accepting the Creator but accepting His commandments.

You see, if believing in Jesus changes you then you have subjected your free will over to him – but truth to be known, any changes in you, were self controlled, you made the changes, not a deity. Even in my own experience, it was the result of my keeping the commandments/Laws of the Creator that brought on my change. The Creator did not change me – changing me is left up to me and no one else.

From the beginning, the Creator planed for us to do self improvement. In Genesis 4:7 we find the conversation that the Creator had with Cain. The Creator tells Cain that if he would improve himself forgiveness was his but if he chose not to improve then sin waited for him. So we see here that the Creator puts the ball in our court when it comes to self improvement.

Even in the book of Jonah we find at the end of the story that repentance was given to the city of Nineveh because the Creator saw their deeds – deeds of change in how they treated each other. Changing their deeds brought on forgiveness – just like what the Creator told Cain.

At this time we are in the Hebrew month of Elul, this month is spent on prayer, self evaluation and repentance toward man and God. Although. Those of us of the nations do not have any commands to observe the Hebrew holidays of Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur – it is good to follow the Jew’s example and spend some time self seeking, repentance and making changes for the better in oneself.

This past week I have had some trying times at work. They frustrated me and being tired I complained a lot. Then it hit me the other night of what time I was in, the month of Elul. The Great Creator was sending some difficult things my way to test me and show me what I needed to work on.

In a quote from Rabbi Avigdor Miller on the subject of repentance he says “…What repentance really means is to come to the Creator and to gain certain qualities, certain attitudes, and certain practices that were never done before in your life. Repentance actually means to get better.”

By being a Noahide, I serve the Creator by bettering myself through the observance of His commandments, they are the vehicle that brings the right kind of change in my life. They are my experience.

Terry W. Hayes – ben Noach

Photo Credit: Steve Halama on Unsplash


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