Prayer Request

A fellow Noahide has asked me to make this post, please pray for these people.

“Please pray for a complete recovery of Bessie Ray Johnson Grissom bat John Franklin Johnson, Evelyn Louise Grissom Keele bat Fayettie Carron Grissom, and Roy Neal Grissom ben Fayettie Carron Grissom.”
Roy Neal Grissom is a prominent Noahide. He needs our prayers. 
From: The Gentle Weapon – Prayers for Everyday and Not-so- Everyday Moments – Timeless wisdom from the Hasidic Master, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.
Wholeness and Well-Being
God of wholeness, God of healing, envelope us with wholeness and well-being.
Heal us in body and soul.
Let all the elements of our bodies work together in perfect symmetry and in peaceful harmony.
Remove every trace of illness, every hint of infirmity; send healing which you alone can bring.
Thank you for your prayers
Terry Hayes – ben Noach.

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