A New Day – A Fresh Start


This is a Thanksgiving blog.

It was inspired by a friends post of a painting of Noah that seen at the top of the blog. I have a similar one but his gave me this current inspiration.

When I first saw the picture, I was taking in by what it spoke to me.

What I saw it saying.

The sun beaming through the clouds upon a fresh earth, the Ark had landed safely, the animals were scurrying about, and Noah in its midst with raised hands possibly thanking the Creator for a new day and a fresh start.

There is a prayer the Jews make every morning at the start of their day and it is a perfect example for us to follow as we start our days – continuing what I think our forefather Noah may have done as well on that day he stood on the earth once again.

The prayer is Modeh Ani; begin the day with a thankful heart.

I will be showing the Hebrew and English translation I got from Chabad.org.

Hebrew transliteration:
“Modeh anee lefanecha melech chai vekayam, she-he-chezarta bee nishmatee b’chemla, raba emunatecha.“

English translation:
“I offer thanks to You, living and eternal King, for You have mercifully restored my breath of life (soul) within me; great is Your faithfulness.”

With this prayer, everyday becomes a day of thanksgiving.

Terry W. Hayes

Photo Credit: I do not know who originally posted the picture. It is a shared picture going around on Facebook.

One thought on “A New Day – A Fresh Start

  1. Birgit Schreiner

    Thank you.Yes I Know this prayer Moda ani exactly.I pray it every day.Also the prayer for wasching hands.And other
    Thank you.I am from Swiss and I wish that we have a community of Bnei Noach here.greetings and g…d blessed you

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