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This is one of those blogs that was instantly inspired from something I read during my studies. This happened when I was going through the meaning of the rainbow in one of my Noahide study books. What comes next is my thoughts on just one of the teachings pertaining to the rainbow.

“Anyone who does not care about his Creator’s honor, it would be merciful for him had he not been created. In other words, better off that this person was never created. Who is such a person? Rabbi Abba says this is one who stares at a rainbow. As it says, ‘Like the appearance of a bow that would be in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the appearance of brilliance all around. That was the appearance of the likeness of the Glory of God! (Ezekiel 1:28).” Talmud Chagigah 16a

“According to this gemara, God’s presence is manifested somehow in the appearance of a rainbow. Just as one may not stare at any manifestation of the Divine Presence, so too one may not stare at a rainbow. To do so is to slight God’s honor.”  The Noahide Laws Study Edition

A footnote to the above was Pirke Avot ,

Sayings Of The Fathers 6:11

“All that the Holy One of Blessing created in this world was created solely for God’s own glory, as it is said: “All that is called by My name, indeed, it is for My glory that I have created it, formed it, and made it” (Isaiah 43:7). And it says: “The Eternal will reign for ever and ever” (Exodus 15:18).”

When we take in the account of both of these quotes above, we see that everything in creation was created for ‘Kevod Hashem’ – Honor of God. So much that the creation of the rainbow – the sign of the Noahic Covenant, that the rainbow contains within it the manifestation of God’s presence and thus honor is given to it by not staring upon it.

I hope I can distill out of my mind in the English for what I saw in these two quotes.

Within the rainbow we have the manifestation of the God’s presence and honor, it is a ‘Kevod Hashem’.

This then beckons us to take a deeper look and perception of the 7 Noahide Laws as the rainbow is a Hebrew representation of the 7 Laws. There are seven colors of the rainbow and there has been numerous teachings linking each of the Noahide Laws to the colors of the rainbow.

The 7 Noahide Laws would then fall within the Kevod Hashem.

As I pondered this, I had to recognize that we as Noahides need to treat them with a whole lot more care. Many times the Noahide Laws are looked down upon, scoffed and so on.

They are a creation of God, making them His Glory.

Let that set in.

This is what I saw when I read in my studies that the rainbow contains within it the Divine Presence.

Being that the rainbow is the symbol of the Noahide Laws – this makes the Laws about God’s Honor and Presence.

Something in my opinion that we cannot take lightly.

I have been guilty of taking the Noahide Laws lightly in the past; when I began the Jewish Conversion process I told the rabbi that offered the Noahide Laws to me instead of conversion that they were not enough. After several years of studying and delving into the Noahide Laws, now when I hear someone say that the Noahide Laws is not enough – I hear in my ears, that the creation of the Creator is not enough.

Pesach Sherbow, in our Torah For The Nations video classes has been telling us that we need to get rid of the. “I think, I feel” mind set.

I get it now – The Noahide Laws is all about the Honor and Presence of God in the creation and not about what we think and feel.

When the Prophet had his vision of the Presence of God in the bow, it caused him to fall on his face.

Does this impact you like it does me at this moment?

Does it just overwhelm you like it does me, that with with open eyes we can see that the Noahide Laws are beyond just a set of moral and ethical instructions to live by?

Closing thoughts:

“Baruch Shem Kevod Malchuto Le’Olam Va’ed” – “Blessed is the Name of His glorious kingdom forever and ever.”

This is an undertone prayer said after reciting the opening sentence of the Shema.

One Torah website translates its meaning as this, “The source of abundance by Hashem’s leadership in the existence of the world shall continue forever.“

When we from the nations look into this ancient prayer, with our new understanding, the “The source of abundance by God’s leadership…” is contained within the Noahide Laws for us.

This afternoon I read a couple of paragraphs in my Noahide Laws study book and I came away with a profound understanding of the Noahide Laws that I had not considered.

To recap:

1. The Noahide Laws are the Honor and Presence of the Creator
2. The Noahide Laws are God’s leadership in which we tap into His abundance.
3. What can we add to them to make them any better than what they are from the Creator Himself?

“All that is called by My name, indeed, it is for My glory that I have created it, formed it, and made it” (Isaiah 43:7).

I really hope this blog has been inspiring to you as it has been for me.

Shavua tov – have a good week.

Terry W. Hayes

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2 thoughts on “Kevod Hashem

  1. Hrvatski Noahid

    There is no Divine Code source that one may not stare at any manifestation of the Divine Presence. Regardless of manifestations, representations and prophetic visions, HaShem does not have a body or any form. I assure you that you cannot see Him.

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