Simply Confusing

In our modern age, simplicity has become confusing to many and not sought after.

One of the things I come across a lot, is the confusion many Noahides have over living a Noahide life. It seems that the simplicity confuses them.

There are 7 basic instructions to live by; they are categorical, meaning there are many sub-instructions under each one – like the Prohibition of murder would contain instructions about committing personal injury – Prohibition of theft would contain instruction about property damages and so on it goes.

But all in all it is really a simple, ethicical, moral and Godly way of life the way the Creator had wanted us to live from the start.

Here is an example I just went through last week.

A co-worker had lost some money at work. I joined in to help her find it. We did not locate it and she made a statement about someone getting a blessing this weekend. I went on to tell her that the Creator does not bless someone from another persons loss. That the loss and the find was a test for each individual but the find was not a blessing.

This is living a simple Godly life. We do not have to have rituals and rites to live the what the Creator intended for us.

A Matter Of Perception

The 7 Noahide Laws is noted to contain six prohibitions and one positive commandment.

This has caused turmoil in many folks. It really is a matter of perception.

When someone hears the word ‘prohibition’ it becomes a negative thought in their mind instead of a positive thought.

Every prohibition given to us by the Creator is full of things we get to do for Him and humanity.

For example, the Prohibition of theft lets you learn how to treat what God gave others. The Prohibition of murder lets us explore the celebration of life. The Prohibition of idolatry, lets us seek and find the One True God and Creator and learn how to build a proper relationship with Him.

Even though our 7 Laws are simple does not mean they are not packed full of opportunity.

Terry W. Hayes

4 thoughts on “Simply Confusing

  1. Shannon Ratcliffe

    Excellent post, Terry. I agree… the person who found the money was having their character tested… do they turn it in to be reclaimed or simply pocket it? My son once found $20 outside a bookstore (talk about temptation!) and instead of taking the money and going in and buying himself something nice, he brought it to the manager and asked that if anyone came in asking for it that it be returned (it was in the doorway outside the store, he assumed they must have been going in or out of the store when they dropped it). The manager was so impressed that he gave my son a credit to buy a book for himself (not from the $20) – as a reward for his honest actions. Now, not all action will give you an immediate reward, but it did inspire the manager who (in his words) thought all the good in teens was gone.

    I find the longer I’m on this journey the more peaceful I become. I still have stresses… but they aren’t “how to live my life” stresses. Thank you HaShem!!!

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