I Am a 7 Law Goy


I have been blessed to find my place within the human structure of mankind. Since the time I was a teen I was either being what I was told to be by religion, or I was from time to time seeking after something spiritual or religious, trying to connect with God in some way.

At one time I considered myself a ‘God Chaser’ – well actually I still am. I am short legged and God has one heck of a stride, so it looks like I am running after Him, LOL.

All my life I will be a God Chaser, You see, I will forever be looking in His direction trying to mold my life after His attributes.

I spent almost seven years studying to be something I was not. I had never really been shown who I was. I had to find this for myself.

There are a lot of people around the world fleeing religions everywhere looking for the Creator of heaven and earth. For the most part, many are still carrying with them the identity their religion gave them – they have yet found out who they really are.

It took 3 years of diving into the 7 universal instructions of the Creator to strip off the identity that religion had put on me.

When it all was striped away, I found who I was to be,

A full fledged 7 Law goy.

Let me explain – as stated, I have in someway been seeking a connection with the Creator ever since my teen years.

In my studies, when I returned back to the beginning, in Genesis, I found the 7 universal instructions given by God and they are the connecting point that I had been looking for.

The greatest piece of the puzzle came to me in the Prohibition of Murder, God told Noah in Genesis 9 that a person is not shed the blood of another person, because that person was created in the image of God.

I have pondered this passage over and over, it became clear to me that every action we have with another human being, it is done unto the image of God.

In a nutshell the 7 instructions regulate our actions with the creation and the image of God.

When I interact with the creation and with humanity – I am connecting with God – no religion needed, it is 100% about what I do not what I believe.

If I handle a flower, I handle His work (Psalm 92:5,6) – how I treat another person is how I handle His Image (Genesis 9:6), it is really that simple.

No matter where you are on this globe, be proud of who God made you and then connect with heaven and earth through the 7 instructions found in Genesis. You will be glad you did – you will find your real identity.

Terry Hayes

Photo Credit: steve-halama-242170-unsplash

9 thoughts on “I Am a 7 Law Goy

  1. Tom

    Good article. No one can’t force me to join any religion. I am accountable to search the truth. I started with Catholic then southern Baptist then Pentecostal then Fundamental Baptist then Messianic movement then finally Judaism but 613 commandments is hard for me to follow so I joined Noachide. HaShem is very kindness and mercy to me as deaf sinner to struggle to find the truth. Hope to meet another deaf Noahide. Shalom

    1. Looks like you have had an amazing spiritual journey like most of who have come to know the Creator and His desires for humanity.

      Just a few points, we do not join the Noahides, We take back our humanity and live it the way the Creator designed us for. Second you may be a deaf human but not a deaf sinner. That is baggage from left over by a religion who sought to define you, not what the Creator said – The Creator said that all His creation is good. Good people my slip and sin but they are not sinners – to be a sinner you have to choose a life of sin – Proverbs tells us a righteous man falls 7 times but gets back up. A sinner stays down after the fall, the righteous rises up and tries again to do what is right, regardless of his fall. That is the difference between a sinner and a righteous person.

      I quit a few Noahides online all over the world, I can check with them and see if someone knows any others who live by the 7 laws and are deaf and see if we can hook you up. Let me know if you want me to start contacting them.

      Have a great day and thank you for your kind words.

  2. Tom

    I understood the difference between righteous and sinner. I used to be sinner through all christian life until I entered Judaism. Judaism hit my mind hard after read many books were written by Baal Shem Tov, Rabbi Nachman, The Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Luria, and many Holy men. I am so thankful to have books in my office. Sin is my biggest enemy. Yes, I will be greatly appreciated if you’re willing to check on Nochides online to see any deaf Noahides there. Toda raba!

    1. Sounds like you have a great library, I, myself have been a student of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov through Rabbi Arush and Rabbi Lazer Brody.

      I have placed some feelers out in some of the groups I am in to try to find another deaf Noahide you can connect with. Thank you for letting try to help you.

      1. Tom,

        Someone responded to one of my post. She is not deaf, but here is what she told me, If this helps let me know and I will connect you.

        “Hello Terry, I am not deaf but I am fluent in American Sign Language. I have been a professional interpreter for over 40 years. I would be happy to visit with this person.”

  3. Jacob

    Yeah it is very remarkable to see how much G-d, with His Mercy, has “guided” one through suffering, problems and different religions till he arrives to a point when he begins to realize that he becomes a deaf Noachide, knowing that G-d is the only One!

    It is essential to live by the 7 Laws. Read them in Bereishit/Genesis over and over. If one knows Hebrew a little, it will help to understand Torah correctly better. For example, when I read, “Surely, if you improve what is good, you will be forgiven. If you do not improve what is good, then, sin is crouching at the door. Yet you can overcome it [the sin]!” Bereishit/Genesis 4:7. After that, I felt very peaceful! Why? Three reasons – He has a choice, he was born in stained sin and sin is not what it seems. Sin is cheit (Hebrew) – an unintentional sin through carelessness/mistakes – “missing of the mark.” Judges 20:16 says that archers are so good with shooting arrows that they can “aim at a hair and not cheit (Hebrew).” Not sin? Nope, not miss! It is clear that G-d tell Cain that he can overcome by repentance. He can rise above sin! This is after Adam and Chava sinned (chata) Hebrew, so there goes wrong idea of “original sin.” Cursed is directly at the ground, not at Adam and Chava. It should read as original mistake.

    .Terry, thanks for all the helping other deaf Noachide for us. Shalom

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