One of the things you learn while studying the seven Noahide Laws, is that they require of you to get involved with the world around you. They are designed to connect you with the Creator and humans beings.

Not long after I began to grasp this principle of the 7 Laws, I was approached by a person who asked me if I would be interested in being a part of a beard organization that gets involved with doing charity work. I told them I would be interested in checking it out. Thus I was invited to an online chat for the local chapter. I then attended my first event.

Since then I have met some really great guys in the eastern part of our state. We have helped raise funds for Diabetes, Autism, Mental health, help contribute to help pay for a child’s burial, raised money for a member in another state that lost everything in a fire and helped our own brothers who were having hard times.

Toward the end of last year I was asked to be a scout for the area I live in. Through this I have met even more interesting people. One of the guys I helped bring into chapter is a tattoo artist.

In my past religious life, I would have never associated with such a person. And now he is becoming a good friend. As we have gotten to know a little of each other, I have found out that we have similar markers along our different journey of life. He and I are former preachers, he left preaching and much of the church for the same reasons I did. We both had learned what it was to be trapped in religion.

If I had not learned that it was the Creator’s design to practice the 7 Laws within humanity, I would have stayed in my bubble. The 7 Laws have given me the opportunity to give humanity not only a second chance but my first real opportunity to connect with it outside of religion.

This blog was inspired by something I experienced with a current person I am working with bringing into the chapter. He asked me something no one else had. And when I went to help him get what he needed, it took my understanding of the 7 laws to another level.

He requested a copy of the Bylaws of the Bearded Villains, our main organization and a copy of our chapter’s Bylaws – He told me that he wanted to do everything right from the start and wanted to make his membership a success according to the rules.

The title of our chapter bylaws are – Smoky Mountain Bearded Villains
“Code of Conduct” & “Bylaws”

This started me to thinking about how the Noahide laws and in all their details are really the Bylaws and Code of Conduct for humanity. This also reminded me something I read years ago in the Overview section of the Artscroll Srone Edition Tanach.

Tanach – Textbook of the Soul

That is the heading in the Overview section in the front of the Artscroll Tanach. It goes on like this.

“It was only logical for the Creator of the universe to provide man with a code of conduct; man would be like a helpless creature thrashing about in an impenetrable maze. The best proof of this, unfortunately found in history books and daily newspapers. The earth is filled with creeds – religious, political, economic, philosophical and intellectual; and so many oceans of blood have been spilled and mountains of treasure expanded in the name of those beliefs. After all these centuries, man is still trapped in a maze, lashing out against those who stand in his often directionless path. Surely God’s plan of creation would have helped man answer the essential questions of existence. Where should he turn? For what should he strive? How should he behave? What will help him achieve his goal? What will hinder him? What does God expect, desire . Demand of him?

God wants more than strict adherence to the letter of His laws. The Torah is meant to shape people as well as deeds, because it is only human beings who are God’s standard bearers and whose personal example can inspire other’s to serve Him.

So important is the concept that Genesis devotes much space to the conduct of the Patriarchal family – and even servants. God wants us to learn not merely from written text; the most eloquent texts are flesh and blood.”

My bearded brother said that he wanted to do everything he could right from the start and make his membership a success.

Wow, what if we all took this approach with our Creator and the life He gave us?

My teacher, Pesach Sherbow has stated, “Walking with God is a reality and not a religion.”

The reality is that the Creator did give us a Code of Conduct and Bylaws to live by as humans – we have replaced them with myriads of religious ideas that have lead the world astray into all of the wrongs of humanity. Yes, some of them have done a little good but not what could have been done by sticking to the Code of Conduct and Bylaws of the Creator found in the book of Genesis, known today as the Noahide Laws – or the Code of Conduct for the children of Noah.

Terry W. Hayes

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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