Eitz Chaim – Tree of Life

eits chaim

Proverbs 3:18

It is a tree of life to those who hold fast to it, and its supporters are praiseworthy’.

In this short blog, I am posting a few quotes for Noahides and their share in the Feast of Shavuot, they are by no means intend to be a complete study of the subject.

These quotes comes from, ‘The Noahide Laws Study Edition by Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim.

Shavuot and the nations:

“Shavuot is the commemoration of the giving of the Torah at Sinai. For Noahides, the giving of the Torah holds special significance because it was then that the Noahide laws were reaffirmed by Moses. On Shavuot, the original Noahide covenant was placed under the umbrella of the Sinaitic obligation.” Lesson 26, page 5

“Since this is the anniversary of God’s affirmation of the Noahide laws to the world, this is an appropriate time to both individually and communally accept and affirm the Noahide laws. This acceptance does not require a Beis Din or witnesses, but may be done individually or personally. There is no text for this acceptance; indeed Maimonides says that this is a matter entirely dependent upon the heart. However, should one wish to make a public declaration of his faith, we suggest the following text:

“I accept upon myself the Seven Commandments of the Children of Noah, including the general and specific prohibitions of idolatry, murder, theft, sexual immorality, blasphemy, eating of flesh torn from a living animal, and general specific commands to establish a system of justice, as commanded Noah, Adam, and their descendants, by the mouth of The Holy One, Creator of the Universe, as reaffirmed and transmitted by His servant Moses at the giving of the Torah at Sinai.” Lesson 34, page 7

A permitted custom for Shavuot

“There is a custom to decorate the synagogue with greenery and flowers in the commemoration of the revelation at Sinai, a mountain “full of greenery.” The Bnei Yissachar further connects this custom to the Midrash, which states the following:

“To what can this [revelation at Sinai] be compared? A king had a garden that had become overgrown with thorns. The king brought in gardeners to cut down the entire garden. Just then, the king saw a single rose blooming. He said: “For the sake of this rose, let the entire garden be saved!” likewise, God declares: “In the Merit of the Torah, the entire world shall be saved!”

“In the giving of the Torah at Sinai, God took renewed hope in the world. This is confirmed by the fact that the Noahide laws were re-commanded to the world at Sinai. It is, therefore, appropriate for Noahides to decorate their places of worship or homes for the holiday in accordance with this Midrash and other reasons that we have stated.” Lesson 34, page 7

I hope this information bring joy for you as we the nations stands with our brothers and sisters of Israel and reaffirm our acceptance of the Creator’s Torah – His Instructions for humanity.

As I was preparing this blog, I got the idea of taking that Noahide law acceptance statement and making a wall hanging of it for our home. I find it beautifully written.

When the Noahide Laws came under the umbrella of the Sinai Covenant – they by God, through Moses became the nations part of the Torah – Those 7 instructions are life for the nations.

For you Shavuot enjoyment below is a Youtube link of Rabbi Lazer Brody and Shlomo Katz singing Eitz Chaim Hi.

Terry W. Hayes

Photo Credit: Internet search for Public Domain images

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