Covid 19 Or The G-d of Yaakov?

This latest blog was birthed from the inward struggle of being a human trapped in a real life situation and trying to hang on to the Creator while the storm winds are blowing.

As the quote ‘Pandemic’ has swept across our country, over time many contradiction have come to light and in the wake of this, the liberal left tries to do everything in their power to squash the truth of what is being revealed about what is going on in the United States during this Covid 19 event.

This blog is not about the contradictions nor the liberal cover up that is going on.

Slowly over the past several weeks I have had a growing issue with anger over what is happening to the country I love. The other night while discussing certain events that have happened, a rage swelled up inside of me, a rage accompanied with words that a person trying to walk with the Creator should not have let take control.

That night I woke several times regretting and disappointed in myself for letting this issue get to me the way it has. Each time I woke up I pleaded with the Creator to help me not let this issue or anger over our current situation control me.

In the process of working on righting my mind and attitude concerning the events happening around me and to my country, I began focusing on reality – the reality of Who is in charge of every single moment that happens on this earth. I have had to remind and gird myself in the basic teaching of emuna.

Emuna is the firm knowledge that everything comes from the Creator by way of perfect divine providence, even the tiniest and most seemingly insignificant event and that everything the Creator does is for the very best.

Since my prayers to the Creator the other night, there has been a phrase that I keep coming across, it has gotten my attention.

“The G-d of Yaakov”

For example:

“May the Name of the G-d of Yaakov protect you”

“A stronghold for us is the G-d of Yaakov”

In the midst of a world gone crazy, the Creator had to remind me Who is in charge. In my meditations about this craziness going on, Psalms 145:16 came to mind, “You open Your hand, and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”.

This reminded me that even the wicked have desires and at this time, it is evident that those who think they are in control, think that they are getting what they want. Their plans are like the air in a balloon, when it is popped, the air is gone.

When you look around, you will see who clings to the G-d of Yaakov and those who do not. All you have to do is listen to their words and watch their actions.

Let’s look at another example of “the G-d of Yaakov”

Psalm 146:3-5
Trust not in princes, nor in the son of man, who has no [power of] salvation. When his breath departs, he returns to his earth; on that day his plans come to nothing. Happy is he whom the G-d of Yaakov helps, whose hope is on the Eternal, his G-d.

I am about to say something very bold.

If your life is wrapped up with just talking about or posting on FaceBook what the Republicans or Democrats are or are not doing during this Covid event or spreading fear by telling people to be very afraid of the virus or governmental hidden agendas – If this is the kind of person you have become, then all you are doing is placing your hope in the son of man, where there is no hope! Your eyes are focused in the wrong direction! Quit looking to man for all the answers!!

Happy is he whom the G-d of Yaakov helps, whose hope is on the Eternal, his G-d.

I titled this blog, “Covid 19 Or The G-d of Yaakov?”

It boils down to this simple fact: If you fear Covid 19 and its goons then you do not know the G-d of Yaakov, if you know the G-d of Yaakov, you will not fear Covid 19 nor its political goons!

The choice is yours, which one will it be?

Terry W. Hayes

P.S. There is only one way to know the G-d of Yaakov and that is to go to Yaakov’s children – Zechariah 8:23 (check it out)

Photo Credit:
Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Covid 19 Or The G-d of Yaakov?

  1. Albert Overall

    Every living thing that happens, from the tiniest one-celled amoeba to the biggest exploding star to our daily occurrences, there is no part where the power of HaShem is not present. Thank you, Terry.

  2. anagelika Dumanski

    WOWO A VERY GOOD STATEMENT, HIT HOME FOR ME,,and reminded me where my strength is from..and who is in charge. So well written ,could of not said it better…A good reminder as so many are falling apart,and want war,and want to retaliate , many are so frustrated they get heart failure,and get sick because of what is happening…light can only come through when there is darkness,,,So its our chance now to show light at the end of the tunnel, Its a given for us Noahides to shine, and show the light within us…even in these hard times when one sees havack everywhere…I dont watch much news anymore,,,it is a repeat,repeat all the time and rowels up people to hate this situation..
    Thank you for this blog Terry

    1. Thank you, I needed the refresher. In light of what is going on at this moment, I needed to this to go back and remind myself – my help comes from one place only and that is the G-d of Yaakov.

      1. anagelika Dumanski

        Had to re-read the blog again,,,i wrote out for the people who are in so much turmoil, even some of us,,we really need to make a choice who we follow as God. and fear Him only,,,Something will change when this is over, not sure what yet? But people I hope will be searching for the One God of creation. Thank you again for this post…have a Shalom kind of day…B’H

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