Meditations For Righteous Living – Prayer

“When we pray, it is a sign of our faith in God. Why else would we be praying? Prayer increases our faith and, as we pray, we gradually develop a more intimate feeling for our Creator.”

Breslov Prayer Siddur – Prayer to God Is My Life

There are times we all struggle with prayer. The desire or need to pray is there but when we come before God sometimes our mind goes blank or we when begin to speak, words fail to form.

For times like these, the book of Psalms can become a great prayer aid.

When I personally experience moments like these, I turn to my favorite psalm, Psalm 145. It is packed full of prayer inspirations. For example, the opening three verses can help one declare their faith in the Creator, while other verses can help with bringing one closer to the Creator. The verses listing the deeds of the Creator, for example, suppling food for all His creatures, when meditated and prayed can reveal times in one’s own life that they experienced the deeds of the Creator personally. These personal revelations of the Creators involvement in one’s life will strengthen prayer and personal closeness to the Creator.

Terry W. Hayes

Photo Credit: Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

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