Meditations For Righteous Living – Gratitude

“Feeling grateful to the Creator is indeed our most important task. We build a steadfast connection by way of our gratitude to Him. Therefore, as long as our gratitude to God is deficient, our connection to Him remains weak and incomplete.”

Rabbi Shalom Arush, The Garden of Gratitude.

Soon after speaking on the subject of gratitude, Rabbi Lazer Brody was approached by a young man. The gentleman began to share about his struggle with having anything to thank the Creator for.

Rabbi Brody began questioning the young man about the functions of his body, about the two feet and legs he walked on to approach him, about the beating of his heart showing him that there are unlimited things to give thank for.

Some times it may seem that we are repetitive in our prayers when giving thanks to God for our family, jobs, homes and even health, the key is to have a grateful heart and spirit. When being thankful for certain things begin to feel redundant to you, pause and ponder what life would be like without them or if you lost them.

If you are ever at a loss for something to be grateful for or would like to expand your thankfulness list, a little research from time to time can add spice and meaning to your prayers and feelings of gratitude. Take time to prepare, write down or print off things to give thanks for, like different functions of how your body is made and works, or the creation . Take these things with you into prayer and share them and your thoughts with the Creator.

Did You Know

“The average heart beat per minute is 72, with an average life span today–75 years, your heart beats 4,320 times per hour, 103,680 times a day, 37,843,200 times a year, and 2,838,240,000 times a lifetime on average.”

“There are 2 ½ miles (4km) of neural network interconnections packed into every cubic millimeter of grey matter.” 30-Second Brain by Anil Seth

Terry W. Hayes

Photo Credit: Lip on Unsplash

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