The Miracle of Humanity

Its the first week of December, and the sounds, sights and aroma of the season surrounds us all; a season proclaimed to be the season of miracles. The music, TV shows and movies during this season do their best to show the best of humanity, giving and caring for one another in ways that only seem utopian.

Although my wife and I do not observe the holiday of this season, we love the message of human to human kindness that it portrays. This time of year we will watch a couple of the Hallmark seasonal shows, matter of fact, this blog was inspired by one of them.

It was about a lady who was in an accident and had lost her memory. Throughout the show with the help of a nurse and strangers, she began a journey of self rediscovery. When she was reunited with her sister and brother-in-law, her memories came flooding back. And the message was that of a miracle of the season.

The issue is that “peace on earth and goodwill to all men” is not a seasonal event, it should be a lifestyle for all humanity.

A miracle is an occurrence that happens outside of natural and human forces.

Lets look at a quote from Rabbi Manis Friedman’s book “Creating a Life That Matters”. This quote comes from the opening chapter, ‘Living verses Existing’.

“When God created the world out of nothingness, the first thing He had to do was create existence – because nothing had ever existed before.”

Rabbi Manis Friedman

Everything in our natural existence is a miracle from the start. Within this natural existence the Creator went a step farther. Mankind is the only part of the creation whether spiritual or physical where the Creator took the natural and infused it with the Divine, a part of Himself, that is from outside of the creation.

This is the miracle of humanity.

Every human being contains within themselves the spark of the Divine. This is why ‘good will to all men’ is not seasonal but should be an everyday lifestyle.

Follow me into the Torah to see this wonderful truth.

Genesis 9:6
“ Whoever sheds the blood of man through man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God He made man.”

Do you see it? The God given reason for the prohibition of murder is because the human being contains the image of the Creator within them.

This means, that everything we do to another person whether positive or negative we are doing it to the image of the Creator within that person.

So what am I saying?

There is no magical season to do good toward others, it should a lifestyle, 365 days a year. We should not wait for a particular season to have the warm fuzzies for doing what we should be doing all year long.

When all humanity recognizes the miracle of humanity in every person, including themselves, then, ‘peace on earth’ will become an eternal reality instead of a magical seasonal dream.

Terry W. Hayes

Photo Credit: Jed Villejo on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “The Miracle of Humanity

  1. anagelika Dumanski

    A true statement, well said. We also all have an evil inclanation ,its what we do with it,,and how we perfect our thoughts and see Hashem first,If we truly want to walk in the principles Hashem gave us,,,its not even about our selves, its about caring for others as Hashem cares for us, He gave us everything , to heal our bodies from nature,and know what to eat,and care for the elderly, respecting them. There is a time for everything , Ecc. says it,,so there is a time for war,peace,to gather in, and more…Just saying good things is good,if one means it. Im thankful for Terry who has good blogs ,and keeps them coming…Had to re-read what you wrote, to make sure I got it…and understood it…Thank you for this post…B’H

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